Vore Stories. Chapter 42

Out of all the creatures that preyed on humans there wasn’t any more dangerous than the shapechanger. With the ability to transform itself into anything that it wished to the creature was a constant threat to any human it encountered. The beast would watch its potential human prey before transforming itself into something that would lure its meal into a false sense of security. Not many escaped the clutches of a Shapechanger when it was in full flow.

However the Shapechanger had one flaw, when it was midway through conversation with its potential prey its appetite would ruin its concentration and see it transform into its natural form.
Its features become all reptilian, all green and scaly as spines burst from its back ripping any clothing it may be wearing. Its limbs thicken as it grows taller with its shoulders becoming broader, its sinewy body surmounted by a lizard-like head. Its long forked tongue now swishing between alarmingly large teeth. The beast would always attacking by swiping at a victims throat and when dead waste no time to eat as much from its prey as possible.

Russell was enjoying a rare moment off from work and spent it relaxing by the water’s edge. He’d spent the last hour enjoying himself on a paddling board and now wanted to spend some time topping up the tan on his already bronzed body.

Now back on dry land Russell wasted no time in taking up a good sunbathing position. He paused and asked a stranger if there’d be kind enough to rub some sun tan lotion on his back. To Russell’s relief the stranger agreed.

As Russell settled down to relax under the sun he had no idea that a Shapechanger was lurking observing potential prey and what it could shift into.

The Shapechanger had waited long enough and decided now was the moment to strike. It had noticed how Russell observed every young lady that walked past.

The beach area was all but deserted apart from Russell who had fallen asleep under the hot sun and some other people that were packing away their belongings.
With the coast now clear the Shapechanger in its new disguise as busty blonde young lady approached the sunbathing hunk.

“Excuse me.” The creature asked as it knelt down by Russell and gently rocked his shoulder. Startled and confused Russell sat up, it took him a moment to remember where he was. As the Shapechager had hoped Russell’s attention was quickly drawn to her large breasts that seemed to be trying to burst from the clothing that supported them.

The Shapechanger could see that Russell was fixated on its breasts and couldn’t help but stare at its potential meal.

The thought of devouring Russell broke the Shapechangers concentration and it quickly reverted back to its normal shape. The creature knew it had to act fast and swiped one of its sharp claws out at Russell instantly slashing his throat. The young hunk clenched his throat as blood splattered from the wound and the Shapechanger grabbed its meal and dragged it off into the undergrowth.

Its long forked tongue licked its reptilian lips as it surveyed Russell’s body, wondering which part to tuck into first.

Soon enough the head was lowered as flesh was ripped from Russell’s torso and devoured. Shapechangers were greedy creatures and ensured not much remained of their victims. Once it had filled its gullets the Shapechanger scavenged what it could use from Russell’s personal belongings. The items would come in handy when it was time to get its next victim

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