Gacy Stories. Chapter 17. A Discreet Liaison

Mattia was a captivating Italian hunk who exuded an irresistible charm that could melt hearts. This young man possessed an alluring combination of striking good looks, a sexy toned body, and an undeniable magnetism that drew people towards him like moths to a flame. With his chiseled jawline, mesmerizing brown eyes, and a mischievous smile that hints at hidden desires, Mattia is the epitome of sensuality.

While blessed with such captivating features, Mattia preferred to keep his sexuality discreet, only known to those who are fortunate enough to earn his trust. As a bisexual man, he navigated his personal journey with grace and confidence, and his respectful demeanor allowed him to maintain privacy while still embracing his true self. This discretion added an air of mystery that only serves to enhance Mattia’s allure.

One of Mattia’s passions lay in fitness and maintaining his stunning physique. You could often find him dedicatedly attending the gym, his exercise regime a testament to his commitment and discipline. He reveled in the endorphin rush that comes from a vigorous workout, sculpting his body to perfection and ensuring his muscles were beautifully defined. Every movement he makes embodies both strength and grace, leaving admirers in awe of his physical prowess.

Beyond his captivating looks and dedication to fitness, Mattia also dabbled in the world of modeling. His stunning appearance and natural charisma allowed him to grace the pages of magazines and strut down runways, captivating audiences with his magnetic presence. As he posed for the camera or saunters down the fashion runway, his confidence and charisma make it clear why he is sought after in the industry.

In the realm of family, Mattia was incredibly close-knit with his two brothers. The bonds between them were unbreakable, transcending blood relations to form a deep connection of love and loyalty. With an older brother guiding him and a younger brother looking up to him, the three siblings create a support system that is both unshakeable and heartfelt. Their shared experiences and unwavering support contributed to their tight-knit relationship, forming a foundation of strength that empowers them all.

Gacy couldn’t help but notice the arrival of a handsome dark-haired newcomer at his gym. From the moment his gaze fell upon Mattia, a magnetic pull ignited within him. The young man’s chiseled physique and striking looks were impossible to ignore, arousing Gacy’s curiosity and desire to know more.

Unable to tear his eyes away, Gacy observed as Mattia delved into his workout routine. The way he moved with grace and confidence, sweat glistening on his defined muscles, only intensified the allure. Gacy found himself captivated, drawn in by the combination of physical attractiveness and dedication showcased in each exercise.

Once Mattia took a break from his intense workout, Gacy seized the opportunity to introduce himself. Approaching with a friendly smile, he engaged Mattia in conversation, asking if he was enjoying the gym and telling him he was the owner. Mattia reciprocated the warm greeting, grateful for the gesture of camaraderie in this new environment.

As the two engaged in small talk, they quickly discovered common interests and shared experiences, strengthening the connection between them. Gacy found himself inexplicably drawn to Mattia’s charming personality, further fueling his intense attraction. The conversation flowed effortlessly as they learned more about each other’s lives, forging a bond tempered by mutual interests and genuine curiosity.

In a surprising turn of events, Mattia revealed that he was new to the area, seeking guidance to navigate the unfamiliar surroundings. To Gacy’s astonishment, Mattia asked if Gacy would be willing to show him around. The proposal caught him off guard, but his eagerness to spend more time with Mattia eclipsed any hesitations.

Unbeknownst to Gacy, Mattia had ulterior motives for seeking his companionship. He sensed Gacy’s inclination toward him, recognizing an opportunity to exploit the situation. Aware that Gacy harbored desires beyond a simple friendship, Mattia saw a chance to capitalize on their connection, secretly plotting to use Gacy’s infatuation to his advantage.

By feigning genuine interest, Mattia aimed to keep Gacy enamored, realizing that playing along could potentially lead to a unique advantage—namely, saving money on his gym membership. With his ulterior motives hidden beneath an enchanting facade, Mattia skillfully navigated the delicate dance of attraction, confident in his ability to maintain Gacy’s attention while ensuring his own benefits were secured.

Little did Mattia know that Gacy also had ulterior.

motives, ones that were far more sinister than his own.

The next day, Gacy eagerly met up with Mattia, the air thick with excitement and anticipation. Ready to fulfill his promise of showing him around, Gacy took the lead, guiding Mattia to a few noteworthy places in the area. They strolled through bustling streets, meandering through quaint shops and cozy cafes, the city unfolding its charm before their eyes.

As they indulged in the warm rays of the sun, Gacy decided to make a delightful pit stop at a local ice cream parlor. They settled into a cozy corner, their laughter intertwining with the chime of silverware and the buzzing conversations around them. Sharing scoops of creamy, tantalizing flavors, they savored the sweet treat, their taste buds dancing with each bite.

The casual, relaxed atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for Gacy and Mattia to dive deeper into each other’s lives. With every spoonful, their conversation grew more intimate. As they shared childhood memories, dreams for the future, and life’s most cherished moments, a genuine connection began to form, woven seamlessly between spoonful’s of ice cream.

As the day progressed, an undeniable chemistry crackled between them. Gacy, emboldened by their shared laughter and genuine connection, hesitantly suggested heading back to his place. To his delight, Mattia’s eyes sparkled with a mixture of intrigue and desire, willingly accepting the invitation, their unspoken understanding intensifying their excitement.

The journey back to Gacy’s place was filled with anticipation, the air heavy with unspoken desires and a growing intensity. Their hearts pounded in sync, mirroring the rhythm of the city around them. With each step, Gacy and Mattia’s connection deepened, consuming the surrounding world in a haze of mutual attraction and the promise of hidden pleasures.

Little did they know, within the walls of Gacy’s home, their paths would merge into uncharted territories. Passion and secrets would intertwine, weaving a tale of desire and consequences, as the night unfolded and their shared desires became impossible to resist. The stillness of the room would become a breeding ground for exploration, as boundaries blurred and the foundations of their connection transformed into something far more intoxicating.

As Gacy unlocked the front door, he gestured for Mattia to enter his house. Stepping inside, Mattia’s eyes widened in awe at the sight before him. The grandeur of Gacy’s house left him speechless, the spacious rooms and elegant furnishings testifying to a life of comfort and luxury. The property itself sprawled across a vast expanse of land, captivating Mattia with its sheer magnitude.

Barely having time to take in his surroundings, Mattia’s actions became bold and unanticipated. Without hesitation, he swiftly removed his shirt, revealing his sculpted physique, and turned to face Gacy. With a hint of vulnerability in his eyes, he asked Gacy how he would rate his body.

Gacy couldn’t help but be drawn to the sight before him; Mattia’s strong, toned physique commanded attention. His gaze fixed on the contours and sinewy muscles, appreciating the hours of dedication and hard work that formed such a stunning figure. Without a moment’s hesitation, Gacy let the truth fall from his lips: Mattia’s body was undoubtedly a perfect 10 out of 10.

A surge of confidence coursed through Mattia at Gacy’s unwavering affirmation, compelling him to take a spontaneous yet inviting action. He reached out, placing Gacy’s hands upon his own body. The touch sent shivers through Gacy’s fingers as they grazed against the warm, supple flesh. Slowly, Mattia encouraged Gacy to explore further, his hands guiding Gacy’s across the contours of his body.

The room filled with palpable tension; an electricity formed between them as Gacy’s hands roamed Mattia’s physique. Every brush of flesh ignited a desire that neither could ignore. In this delicate moment of vulnerability and exploration, the connection between them deepened, laying the foundation for what was to come.

Gacy and Mattia continued to revel in each other’s presence, their shared desire and chemistry propelling them forward. Time seemed to blur as they lost themselves in the intoxicating energy that pulsed between them.

With every passing moment, their connection deepened, each interaction flowing effortlessly. Conversations became laced with innuendos and double meanings, teasing glances and stolen touches signaling their growing attraction. Laughter filled the room as they exchanged playful banter, a dance of flirtation and desire that further fueled their magnetic pull towards one another.

As the sensual tension intensified, Mattia slowly shed his trousers, revealing himself in a pair of underwear briefs that accentuated his flawless physique. His body, sculpted like that of an Adonis, elicited an admiring gasp from Gacy. The sight before him was breathtaking, igniting a fire within his core that burned with desire.

Seizing the moment, Gacy stepped forward, his hands laced with gentle intention. He began massaging Mattia’s back, their bodies pressed closely together, sending waves of pleasure coursing through both of them. The touch was both soothing and arousing, a tantalizing mix that left them yearning for more.

In a playful gesture, Gacy couldn’t resist lightly slapping Mattia on the butt, a mischievous act that invited further exploration and a delightful blend of pleasure and anticipation. The playful spank echoed in the room, punctuating the desire that swirled between them. It was an invitation, a playful expression of their burgeoning intimacy, and a testament to the intimacy they were about to explore.

With the desire lingering thick in the air, Gacy and Mattia followed the magnetic pull towards the bedroom. The hallway felt like a whisper, the soft touch of their hands guiding each other through the threshold of passion and exploration.

Once inside the intimate space, Mattia found himself drawn to the edge of the bed, his anticipation palpable. Sitting there, he exuded confidence as he showcased his chiseled physique, every curve and muscle highlighted under the soft glow of dimmed bedroom lights. His bated breath mingled with a seductive smile as he extended an inviting arm towards Gacy, silently beckoning him to join him on the bed.

Eagerly complying, Gacy swiftly removed his shirt, revealing his own sculpted physique. The room seemed to come alive with their shared desire, a symphony of breathless whispers and feverish heartbeats. Gacy’s eyes locked with Mattia’s, a knowing gaze that sealed the unspoken promise of the night ahead.

As Gacy climbed onto the bed, the anticipation in the room escalated. In a tantalizing movement, Mattia slid his underwear off, exposing his naked form. His vulnerability radiated as he lay there, inviting Gacy to explore his body in its most honest and exposed state. The air buzzed with electric anticipation, their connection deepening with each passing second.

Gacy’s eyes roamed over Mattia’s naked form, admiring every inch and curve before joining him fully on the bed. Their naked bodies now entwined, they were ready to embark on a journey of sensuality and intimacy that would solidify their connection, leaving an indelible mark on each other’s souls.

As they lay on the bed, a sense of electric chemistry permeated the room. The air crackled with unspoken desire as their bodies moved closer together, their hearts beating in sync.

Mattia’s eyes met Gacy’s as he sat on his chest, their gazes locked in a moment of anticipation. The intensity of their connection was palpable, as if time froze around them.

Feeling a need for secrecy, Mattia whispered to Gacy, emphasizing the importance of discretion. He knew that their encounter had to remain a secret, hidden from the prying eyes of the world.

With a knowing smile, Gacy slowly trailed his hands up Mattia’s body, his touch sending shivers down his spine. The promise of secrecy lingered in the air as Gacy whispered reassurances. “Don’t worry,” he said, his voice filled with confidence. “No one will ever know you were here.”

The room seemed to hold its breath as Mattia flashed a thankful smile, grateful for Gacy’s reassurances. Little did he know this moment of gratitude would soon turn to desperation.

Just as the gratitude left Mattia’s lips, a sense of dread washed over him as Gacy’s hands wrapped tightly around his neck. The air that had once been charged with chemistry now became stifling, filled with fear and a desperate struggle.

Mattia fought against Gacy’s grip, thrashing and kicking, desperate for air and a chance at survival. The once enticing connection between them transformed into a nightmarish struggle, the bed becoming a battleground for life and death.

In the midst of his struggle, Mattia’s voice pleaded and begged, his pleas filled with panic, urging Gacy to release him. The room echoed with his desperate cries, but they fell on deaf ears.

Gasping for breath, Mattia’s face contorted in pain and fear. Every gasp was a struggle, and his desperate eyes pleaded for mercy, his features a mix of terror and disbelief.

Time seemed to elongate as Mattia’s body weakened, his struggle diminishing with every passing moment. The room grew eerily silent as his life force slipped away, leaving his body limp and motionless.

Gacy, observing Mattia’s lifeless form, stared down at him with a chilling smile. His eyes, once filled with electric chemistry, now reflected a sinister satisfaction. The room was tainted with an eerie stillness as Gacy revealed in the realization that his secret would remain buried forever.

Emotion overwhelmed Gacy, and the weight of his actions consumed him. Slowly, he succumbed to the darkness, his body sinking into the bed as he lost consciousness. The room was left in a haunting silence, bearing witness to the tragic events that had unfolded within its walls.

In the middle of the night, Gacy abruptly woke from his slumber, his eyes flickering open. He found himself lying on his bed, surrounded by an eerie silence.

As he lay there, the dim light from the moon casting a faint glow in the room, Gacy moved his hand out, stretching it towards the darkness. His fingers brushed against something ice cold, sending a shiver down his spine. Confusion and dread filled his mind, but curiosity pushed him forward.

His heart pounding, Gacy slowly turned his gaze towards where his hand had made contact. In the pale moonlight, he saw the lifeless body of Mattia lying beside him. Time stood still as he stared at the sight before him, his mind reeling with a mix of horror, regret, and a twisted fascination.

Mattia’s vacant eyes stared blankly at the ceiling, unseeing. Gacy could almost feel the weight of judgment in that gaze, triggering a surge of memories flooding his consciousness. Guilt washed over him as he remembered the unspeakable acts he had committed, the darkness that concealed within him now exposed.

With a conflicted mixture of disgust and twisted desire, Gacy reached out his trembling hand and began to touch and explore Mattia’s cold, lifeless body. There was a perverse satisfaction in the familiar yet unsettling sensation under his fingertips, a macabre connection to the life he had snuffed out.

Gacy stared at Mattia, before whispering in his ear “Oh don’t worry, I’ll still be fucking you.” With the dead hunk now lying naked Gacy wasted little time in mounting the body and preparing for his fun.

He encountered some resistance as he forced his erect cock into Mattia’s hole.

Mattia’s body now rocked back and forth with each hard thrust Gacy made. The killer ensured he was going to take his time fucking this dead hunk. He brought himself to the point of climax on a couple of occasions only to stop briefly so he could have more time and fun screwing the body. Like most things however, the fun was due to end and Gacy clasped his victims’ shoulders as he fired his load deep inside the dead hunk and then fell next to the body as he cuddled up to it.

As he continued to hover between revulsion and satisfaction, Gacy’s exhaustion eventually overwhelmed him. His eyes grew heavy, and a strange numbness settled over him. Without resistance, he succumbed to the drowsiness and laid back down, falling into a sinister slumber next to the body that served as a haunting reminder of his darkest self.

Gacy awoke early the next morning, his mind still heavy with the weight of his gruesome actions. The first rays of sunlight streamed through the window, casting eerie shadows across the room. Determined to conceal his dark secret, he decided to face the grim task ahead. He decided to fuck Mattia one more time and then took a picture for his own collection.

Without a word, Gacy headed outside, the cool morning air chilling his skin. His footsteps echoed softly against the ground as he made his way towards an inconspicuous spot in his yard. His heart pounding, he started to dig a grave for Mattia, using a shovel to break the earth and create a resting place for his victim.

As the hole grew deeper, Gacy’s mind was consumed by a mixture of guilt, fear, and a twisted sense of purpose. He felt the weight of each shovel full of soil, a physical manifestation of the burden he carried as he filled the grave with his own hands.

Heading back inside the house, Gacy’s gaze fell upon the lifeless body of Mattia lying on the bed. The sight sent a chill down his spine, but he knew he had to remove all traces of his abhorrent actions. Summoning every ounce of strength, he dragged Mattia’s body off the bed, the weight seemingly increasing with each step.

Outside once more, Gacy maneuvered the lifeless form of Mattia and carefully placed him in the freshly dug grave. He looked down at the young man, their eyes locking momentarily. Mattia’s dilated, vacant gaze stared back at him, a haunting reminder of the life he had extinguished.

With a mixture of remorse and a perverse fascination, Gacy covered Mattia’s body with dirt, each shovel fully sealing away the evidence and marking the final resting place of his victim. The act itself provided a strange solace, a macabre closure to the heinous crime he had committed.

Later that evening, after the dark veil of night had descended once again, Gacy found himself unable to resist the desire to revisit the memory of his latest victim. He accessed Mattia’s social media accounts, searching for a connection that had been irreversibly severed. With a cold detachment, he saved a couple of Mattia’s favorite modeling pictures, a sinister memento of the life he had taken.

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