Lust Killer. Chapter 18. Cocky Gym Goer

Joel was a 21 year old young man with a magnetic presence and an infectious energy. With his short dark hair and a fantastic, well-toned, and defined body, Joel exuded a captivating charm wherever he went. His physique reflected the countless hours he dedicated to his fitness and well-being.

Joel was, without a doubt, fitness mad. He possessed an unwavering passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and loved nothing more than spending his time working out. From the crack of dawn to the late hours of the evening, he seized every opportunity to engage in physical activities and push his body to its limits.

Aesthetics mattered greatly to Joel. He found solace in perfecting his physique, sculpting every muscle to create a visual masterpiece. Whether it was through weightlifting, cardio, or various training techniques, Joel relentlessly pursued his goal of achieving a body that both impressed and inspired.

Not one to shy away from competition, Joel had tested his mettle in several fitness shows. These experiences were not only an opportunity to display his hard-earned physique, but they fueled a dream that burned brightly within him. This dream revolved around becoming the first natural Mr. Olympia, a feat that had yet to be accomplished by anyone in history.

Confidence and self-assuredness were qualities that defined Joel. His dedication to fitness had instilled in him a deep belief in his capabilities, fostering a sense of cockiness that he wore with pride. He walked with his head held high, exuding infectious enthusiasm and an unwavering belief in his own potential. Joel’s confidence often drew the attention and admiration of those around him, making him a force to be reckoned with in both his personal and fitness endeavors.

Like any normal day for Joel, the morning began with the sound of his alarm piercing through the silence of his bedroom. Groggily, he rose from his slumber, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. Sitting there for a moment, he took a deep breath, mentally preparing himself for the day ahead.

With a sudden burst of energy, Joel stretched his arms high above his head, his muscles straining against the tension. A grin crept across his face as he couldn’t resist the urge to strike a pose. Pulling a double bicep pose, he admired his own reflection in the mirror, appreciating the fruits of his hard work and dedication.

After his brief moment of self-admiration, Joel made his way into the bathroom. He splashed cold water on his face, awakening his senses and invigorating his mind. He meticulously went through his morning grooming routine, carefully attending to every detail to ensure that he looked and felt his best.

Clad only in his underwear, Joel couldn’t resist the temptation to capture his self-assured air. Armed with his smartphone, he struck a few confident poses, snapping selfies of his sculpted physique. It was a habit he couldn’t resist, both as a testament to his progress and a source of motivation.

Feeling satisfied with his impromptu photo session, Joel made his way to the back door of his house. As he opened it, a rush of fresh air greeted him, filling his lungs and rejuvenating his spirit. Unable to resist the urge, he found himself once again flexing his muscles in a double bicep pose, feeling the power and strength coursing through his veins.

Reluctantly tearing himself away from the outdoor allure, Joel headed back inside to get dressed for the gym. The anticipation of another intense workout fueled his excitement, causing him to choose his attire carefully, wanting to look the part of a fitness enthusiast ready to conquer new heights. With determination etched upon his face, Joel finished preparing himself for the gym, eager to push his physical limits and chase his dreams with unwavering passion.

Arriving at the gym, Joel exuded an air of confidence and determination. With his gym bag slung over his shoulder, he walked in with purpose, ready to embark on another grueling workout session. Unbeknownst to him, his presence and infectious laughter caught the attention of those around him.

Joel’s easygoing demeanor led him to laugh and joke with his friends, completely oblivious to the fact that he had inadvertently grabbed someone’s attention. Among the onlookers was Dom, who happened to be at the gym, diligently putting himself through a workout before starting his shift. Intrigued, Dom found himself captivated by Joel’s energy and charisma.

As Dom continued his own exercise routine, he couldn’t help but steal glances in Joel’s direction. Shirtless, Joel showcased his well-toned physique, effortlessly performing his sets and occasionally bragging to his friends about his progress. The combination of his physical prowess and self-assuredness portrayed a confident individual who relished the attention he received.

Caught in the magnetic aura Joel emanated, Dom found himself unable to look away. There was something about Joel that drew him in—a combination of his physicality, unwavering confidence, and unabashed showmanship. It was an intriguing mix that piqued Dom’s curiosity and left him wanting to know more about the enigma on the gym floor.

As Joel continued to push himself through his workout, a break in the momentum occurred. Mid-exercise, he suddenly stopped, catching sight of a nearby mirror. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he struck a pose, fully aware of the effect it had on not only his friends but also those who observed from a distance. This display of unabashed cockiness and unwavering confidence only heightened Dom’s interest, fueling a desire to understand the multifaceted person behind the facade.

Dom couldn’t help but notice that Joel was a popular figure amongst his friends. He had a way of making everyone around him laugh and feel at ease. Joel’s infectious personality drew people in, and his ability to joke around created a vibrant atmosphere. He was the life of the gym, always ready with a witty remark or a playful prank, lightening the mood and bringing joy to those around him.

Joel was not only focused on his own workout but also on firing up his friends for theirs. With an enthusiastic spirit, he would cheer them on, offering words of encouragement and motivation.

He saw the gym as a place of camaraderie and thrived on bringing out the best in everyone around him. Whether through playful banter or energetic pep talks, Joel fostered a sense of unity and camaraderie among his gym buddies.

Gathered around in front of the mirror, Joel took center stage, standing confidently and striking a series of poses. His friends watched with admiration, complimenting his well-defined physique and applauding the hard work he had put in to achieve it. As they marveled at his presence and physicality, the atmosphere buzzed with a mix of awe and appreciation for Joel’s dedication and the results he had achieved.

Joel’s ability to seamlessly transition from joking around with his friends to showcasing his sculpted body demonstrated his range and versatility as a person. He effortlessly commanded attention, a master of his own physicality, while also creating a space for laughter, camaraderie, and mutual admiration amongst his friends. It was this unique combination that cemented Joel’s popularity and made him a beloved presence at the gym.

As Joel finished up his workout, Dom could see the telltale signs that signaled the end of his gym session. Joel wiped the sweat from his brow, his breathing becoming steadier as he made his way towards the changing room. Intrigued, Dom followed him inside, maintaining a discreet distance.

Inside the changing room, Dom watched as Joel swiftly changed into a different set of clothes. However, before he could fully transform, Joel couldn’t resist the opportunity to strike a few more poses. Flexing his muscles in front of the mirror, he captured a couple of progress shots on his phone, documenting the results of his hard work and dedication.

Leaving the gym premises, Dom observed as Joel entered the car park. With a sense of curiosity lingering, Dom climbed into his unmarked police car and discreetly trailed Joel’s vehicle. The anticipation of witnessing something noteworthy gripped Dom, hoping that Joel might engage in suspicious or unlawful activity that warranted a stop.

As he followed Joel’s car, Dom’s vigilance paid off. In a swift movement, Joel’s car swerved, catching the attention of Dom’s trained eyes. Observing the potential danger, Dom immediately activated his lights and siren, pulling Joel over to the side of the road.

As Dom cautiously approached Joel’s car, he could see the confusion on Joel’s face as he rolled down the window. Joel’s voice laced with curiosity, he asked why he had been pulled over, seemingly unaware of his swerving actions.

Keeping a calm demeanor, Dom informed Joel of the reason for the stop, explaining that he had observed his car veering erratically on the road. Concerned for public safety, Dom expressed suspicion that Joel may have been driving under the influence.

Joel, taken aback by the accusation, quickly defended himself. He explained that he swerved because he believed something was about to dart in front of his car, causing him to instinctively avoid it. He asserted that he had just left the gym, emphasizing that he had not consumed any alcohol.

Following protocol, Dom requested that Joel step out of his vehicle. With a stern expression and a sense of duty, Dom proceeded to arrest Joel, firmly placing him in handcuffs to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

Joel, feeling unjustly accused, protested vehemently as Dom guided him into the backseat of the police car. His voice filled with frustration and disbelief, he pled his innocence, pointing out his sobriety and the circumstances he believed had prompted the swerve. However, Dom maintained his professionalism, focusing on the task at hand and ensuring the situation was handled appropriately and safely.

Joel’s heart pounded in his chest as the car accelerated. With determination fueling his actions, he continued to bang on the window, shouting at Dom to let him go. Every ounce of his being resisted the situation he found himself in, refusing to be silenced or subdued.

Dom drove in silence, his grip on the steering wheel tight, his eyes focused ahead. Joel’s relentless protest reverberated through the confines of the car, each word filled with righteous anger. Despite the growing distance from the demonstration, Joel’s voice remained unwavering and determined.

As they came to a stop, Joel glanced out the window and realized they were not at a police station. Panic surged through his veins, compelling him to demand his freedom. He pounded his fists against the dashboard, demanding Dom to release him. The realization that his pleas were falling on deaf ears fueled him to fight even harder against his captor.

Dom’s cold expression remained unchanged. With a sudden, chilling motion, he reached for his gun and aimed it at Joel, his voice cold and controlled as he ordered him to step out of the car. Fear coursed through Joel’s veins as the gravity of the situation sunk in. With a mix of anger and desperation, Joel protested, arguing that he had done nothing wrong and demanding to know Dom’s intentions.

Feeling the weight of Dom’s gun, Joel reluctantly complied with his orders, fear and confusion spreading across his face. Every step he took away from the car felt like a step closer to his doom, but he knew resisting further would only worsen his situation. His eyes darted around, searching for any chance to escape, yet Dom’s presence and threat forced him to keep moving forward against his instincts.

Suddenly, Dom’s hand reached into his pocket, pulling out a gleaming knife. The air grew heavy with a sense of doom as Joel’s heart raced uncontrollably. In an instant, Dom slashed the knife across Joel’s throat, causing him to gasp and gurgle in shock. Choking sounds escaped his lips, the agony evident in his expression as his body faltered and collapsed to the floor, a pool of crimson forming around him.

Dom’s mind was fraught with the weight of the situation as he stared at Joel’s lifeless body. Aware that he couldn’t leave any evidence behind, he knew he had to dispose of it discreetly. It was a chilling realization that he would have to resort to extreme measures to eliminate all traces of what happened.

With a heavy heart, Dom carefully strategized a plan. He identified a special room, isolated from prying eyes, where he could carry out the important task ahead. Bracing himself mentally, he steeled his nerves and began the arduous task of dragging Joel’s body towards that designated room.

Every muscle in Dom’s body strained as he hoisted Joel’s lifeless form off the ground. The weight seemed unbearable, but fueled by a mix of adrenaline and purpose, he managed to maneuver Joel’s body towards the secret room. Each step he took carried a sense of urgency and purpose, ensuring no one would witness this macabre act.

Finally, Dom reached the special room, a chilling sanctuary that held the key to his secret. With utmost care, he positioned Joel’s body into a large bathtub, its cold porcelain surface contrasting sharply with the grim reality it now held. The room itself exuded an eerie atmosphere, causing a shiver to run down Dom’s spine.

Knowing that time was of the essence, Dom meticulously prepared the solution that would aid in the inevitable dissolution of Joel’s body. He poured NaOH, a highly caustic substance, into the bathtub. The air in the room seemed to thicken as the noxious fumes wafted up towards Dom’s nostrils, magnifying the gravity of the task he had undertaken.

Once the bathtub was filled with the NaOH, its surface taking on an unsettling appearance, Dom discreetly exited the room, leaving the substance to work its somber magic. As he closed the door, the room seemed to take on a life of its own, swallowing up the haunting secret hidden within its confines.

Dom got home from work later that day and immediately checked the bathtub.

As he cautiously approached it, his heart pounded with anticipation and dread. He had been dreading this moment, knowing what he might find. Gripping the edge of the tub, he took a deep breath and looked inside.

To his pleasure, Joel’s body had undergone a grotesque transformation. The once-solid form was now nothing more than a soupy liquid, with fragments of bones and strands of hair floating within. The decision to dispose of the remains using sodium hydroxide had left a wondeful scene that pleased Dom.

The powerful alkaline properties of the sodium hydroxide had relentlessly attacked the organic matter of the cocky young mans body. Over time, the corrosive solution had dissolved the flesh, effectively transforming it into a viscous mixture. Organs, muscles, and tissues had disintegrated, their remnants becoming indistinguishable in the murky fluid.

Dom recoiled in abhorrence, unable to tear his eyes away from the dreadful sight. Any semblance of Joel’s physical being had been obliterated, leaving only a haunting blend of skeletal fragments adrift in the macerated remnants. The hair, which had once been a defining feature, floated haphazardly, entangled within the grotesque swirl.

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