Vore Stories. Chapter 43

Jay was due to head home for his sister’s birthday celebration; he hadn’t seen his family for some time and was enjoying the smallest opportunity he had. The chance to catch up with his twin brother who he hadn’t seen due to work also excited him. The two were once inseparable but work and other commitments meant they soon drifted apart, but like many twins they shared certain feelings and thoughts.

With his belongings now packed Jay said his goodbyes to his flatmates and started on the long and dangerous journey home.
The route would take him through areas where creatures from your wildest dreams lived. Jay was aware of the dangerous but his background as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter meant he thought he could take on anything that came his way.
Standing just under 5’10” with short brown hair and a stocky but muscular build with great definition and a fine set of legs ensured that what Jay missed in physique saw him make up for it in determination.

The fact that Jay still handsome had his handsome looks meant that he’d been successful in a majority of his fights as countless defeats would have caused various problems.

Setting out on his journey saw Jay wandering further and further through the woodland unsure of what lay further ahead.

A solitary Cyclops had set up camp in an isolated cave not far away from Jay. Its races hatred of humans meant it would instantly attack anybody it came across and eat their bodies. The Cyclops were shunned from civilisation due mainly to their disturbing figure, a Cyclops was easily identified by the single eye that sat in the middle of their forehead. Their monstrous figure saw instantly attacked by armies of men saw it as nothing more than a danger that had to be eradicated, their constant mistreatment saw them now begrudge the existence of all humans.

The young fighter continued to wander through the forest as the searing sun caused him to sweat and tire. He could smell burning up ahead and noticed some cows and a large table lined with fruit and food. Seeing nobody was about his made his way up to the table.

Jay pulled his vest off and used it to wipe the sweat off of his forehead before tucking into the food in front of him.

Crixus the Cyclops headed back to its cave with some items he wanted to add to the mini feast he’d laid out. The closer he got to his cave the stronger smell of a human he received. Coming to the edge of the tree line Crixus spotted a shirtless young man dressed in nothing but a pair of dark shorts.
The giant Cyclops was not happy, its hatred for humans grew stronger. Jay was taken by surprise when he caught sight of the Cyclops who bellowed “what do you think you are doing?”

Startled and surprised Jay turned around to see the large angry giant.

“Errr. Sorry I didn’t know this was yours.” Jay replied knowing he was in a whole heap of trouble. He’d heard stories about Cyclops and how dangerous they were but had never seen a life one. He thought they were part of stories used to scare people when young, but he was about to discover the harsh reality of an encounter with the giants.

Crixus looked at the handsome young man in front of him.

The thought of devouring Jay quickly entered its mind and it wasted no time in snatching Jay and lifting him off the ground. The young fighter’s cries for help fell on death ears as his legs frantically kicked out. Jay raised his hands as the Cyclops lifted him towards its mouth, and quickly bit down.
Crixus had bitten through Jay’s torso half way between his pecs, his head, arms and shoulders were munched down on. The Cyclops ate Jay like people ate chocolate bars. The sound of snapping and cracking bones echoed around the forest as the second bite saw the last part of Jay’s torso being devoured before Crixus slid the young hunks legs into its open mouth as his older brother approached.

“Hey little brother, humans taste better when cooked. You could have waited until I got here.” Crixus’s brother joked as it saw Jay’s shins and feet dangling from his brothers mouth.

Crixus sucked what remained of Jay into its mouth as the final sound of crunching and chewing of bones soon ceased as a gentle burp escaped his mouth.

“He tasted good. There was no way I’d be sharing him.” Crixus laughed before adding “it makes up for the food he stole of mine. Sit big brother there’s enough food for you.”

Jay’s family sat awaiting his arrival. The group included his twin Ryan who sensed something strange. The weird link twins had told him something had happened. He stood up and said “I think something has happened to Jay.” The family would never know what happened but would soon find out Ryan’s sense was right and the young man was now digesting in a Cyclops stomach.

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