Zoo Killer. Chapter 8. Fresh Meat

Logan was a charismatic and attractive 20-year-old, who possessed the kind of looks that turned heads wherever he went. With his chiseled features and piercing eyes, he exuded an aura of confidence and charm that captivated those around him. Blessed with a fit and toned physique, Logan’s commitment to his workouts at the gym was evident, as every muscle seemed to be sculpted to perfection. His dark, lustrous hair complemented his stunning features, framing his face with an air of mystery.

Fitness wasn’t just a hobby for Logan; it was a way of life. He relished the rush of endorphins that flooded his system after a challenging workout, and he made it his mission to never miss a session at the gym. Whether it was pumping iron or engaging in intense cardio, he pushed himself to the limit, constantly striving for improvement. A true fitness enthusiast, Logan believed in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and enjoyed the physical benefits of his hard work.

Logan’s striking appearance had caught the attention of more than just gym-goers. His photogenic features and sculpted physique had paved the way for a brief stint in the modeling industry. Talented photographers sought him out, captivated by his natural charisma and ability to effortlessly pose in front of the camera. With each click of the shutter, Logan’s charm translated into captivating images, further fueling his popularity among those he collaborated with.

While Logan valued his commitment to staying in shape, he also relished opportunities to bask in the sun and acquire a golden tan. His love for the outdoors led him to seek every chance he could to soak up the rays and enhance his already alluring appearance. Whether it was lounging by the pool or sunning himself on a sandy beach, Logan made sure to make the most of these moments, showcasing his toned and desirable body for all to see.

Logan’s passion for fitness extended beyond the confines of the gym. Tennis had become a beloved sport for him, a way to flex his competitive spirit while staying active. Recently, he had struck up a friendship with Barclay, a fellow tennis enthusiast he had met just a few weeks ago. Their shared interest in the game had sparked engaging conversations, and they quickly found themselves looking forward to their friendly matches.

On a sunny day at the local park, Logan found himself eagerly anticipating his meetup with Barclay. Sitting on a bench, he watched the tennis court with anticipation, the familiar thump of tennis balls echoing in the air. Dressed in tennis gear, his racket lying beside him, he couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement for the upcoming game.

However, unbeknownst to Logan, Barclay had sinister intentions that day. Deep within his twisted mind, he had concocted plans that involved Logan unwittingly becoming nourishment for the animals at the local zoo. A sinister smile played on his lips as he approached the park, his mind consumed by dark thoughts.

As Barclay arrived at the park, his eyes immediately fell upon Logan, sitting patiently on the bench.

With a friendly air, he walked up to him, a facade of camaraderie disguising his true intentions. Their greetings were warm, with shared excitement for the game they were about to embark upon. Logan, oblivious to the malice hidden behind Barclay’s eyes, greeted him with a genuine warmth, unaware of the danger lurking beneath the surface.

Without wasting any time, they jumped into Barclay’s car, ready to head to the tennis courts. The engine roared to life, the car pulling away from the park with a sense of impending doom lingering in the air. Logan, innocently excited for a friendly match, remained oblivious to the darkness that was about to befall him.

As they arrived at the tennis court, Logan embraced the warm weather by swiftly his shirt, revealing his defined, athletic physique. With confidence exuding from his every move, he walked bare-chested towards the court, a striking sight that drew attention from onlookers. His presence alone seemed to command respect and admiration, his fit body reflecting his commitment to staying in shape.

Shirtless and ready for action, Logan strolled to his designated position on the tennis court. His strong shoulders and sculpted arms showcased his physical prowess, captivating both his opponent and spectators alike. With each step, he displayed the poise and grace of an athlete who knew his way around the game, a silent confidence emanating from his every movement.

Taking a moment to focus, Logan positioned himself behind the baseline, taking in the surroundings and preparing to serve the ball. His intense gaze fixed on the net, he visualized his strategy, calculating the perfect angle and power to launch a formidable serve. Flexing his toned muscles, he coiled his body in anticipation, ready to unleash his skillful technique.

As the game unfolded, Logan and Barclay found themselves engrossed in an exciting and spirited match. Amidst the competitive play, moments of levity and shared enjoyment emerged. Be it a comic mishit or a witty remark, Logan and Barclay exchanged laughter, a testament to the camaraderie that had developed between them.

 Their shared sense of humor added a delightful dynamic to their tennis game, fostering a bond that transcended the confines of the court. In those lighthearted moments, their genuine rapport blossomed, enriching their tennis experience with joy and friendship.

After an exhilarating game of tennis, Logan and Barclay took a moment to catch their breath and engaged in a casual discussion about life. The setting sun painted the sky with a tapestry of warm hues as they sat on a bench near the tennis courts, their voices carried by a gentle breeze. They spoke of their aspirations, dreams, and the challenges they had overcome, finding solace in the shared experiences that had brought them together.

As their conversation came to a pause, Logan and Barclay decided it was time to call it a day. Walking back to Barclay’s car, they climbed inside, their enthusiasm from the game still lingering. The car’s interior offered a sense of comfort, the leather seats embracing them as they settled in.

In an unexpected turn, Barclay informed Logan that he needed to retrieve something from the back of the car. Opening the rear passenger seat behind Logan, Barclay began rummaging through the contents, pretending to search for the item he had mentioned. Suspicion nowhere in Logan’s mind, he remained comfortable in the front seat, unaware of the darkness that loomed just inches away from him.

Suddenly, without warning or any signs of malice, Barclay’s hands shot out from behind and flung a ligature around Logan’s unsuspecting neck. Panic seized Logan as the world around him rapidly transformed into chaos. The cord tightened its grip, constricting his airways, cutting off the precious oxygen that fueled his every breath.

Struggling desperately for his life, Logan fought fiercely from the front passenger seat, his powerful limbs thrashing and his body convulsing in a desperate bid for survival. His legs kicked wildly, reacting instinctively to the threat that consumed him. The sound of gasps and choking noises filled the car, evidence of a life hanging by a thread.

As the darkness closed in, Logan’s strength waned. Despite his valiant efforts, his body weakened, succumbing to the unforgiving grasp of his assailant. The life within him faded away, leaving behind only silence and a lingering sense of horror in the confined space, forever altering the once joyful atmosphere.

Barclay set off towards the zoo in his car, the engine humming softly as he merged into the evening traffic. The sky was painted with hues of orange and pink as the sun began to set, casting a warm glow over the city. He navigated the familiar streets with ease, his mind eagerly anticipating the arrival at his destination.

As Barclay arrived at the zoo’s entrance, he parked his car in an empty spot. He turned off the engine and stepped out, his footsteps sounding on the asphalt. Taking a moment to scan his surroundings, he observed the zoo’s entrance gate standing tall and inviting.

His eyes searched for any signs of activity, ensuring that all the staff had indeed gone home for the day. He saw no lingering presence, no faint sounds of chatter or footsteps. Satisfied, Barclay confirmed he was alone, his plan ready to proceed.

With a determined expression, he opened the back door of his car, revealing Logan’s motionless body inside. He carefully grasped Logan’s arms, pulling him out of the car and onto the ground with a soft thud. A swift, but calculated movement.

Taking a deep breath, Barclay tugged Logan’s lifeless body towards the entrance gate. The weight made the dragging laborious, but Barclay remained focused on his task. He maneuvered Logan’s body through the gate, ensuring to leave no trace or signs of their presence.

Once inside the zoo grounds, Barclay laid Logan’s body out, arranging him in a strategic manner. He glanced around, confirming there were no onlookers or unexpected visitors. Satisfied with the secluded location, he retrieved a bag from his car, filled with an assortment of tools.

As he carefully selected the necessary tools, his mind was consumed by determination and a sense of purpose. With surgical precision, Barclay began the process of dismemberment. Each movement calculated and deliberate, his hands steady and unwavering.

Methodically, he cut away Logan’s flesh, separating it from the bones. The sounds of blades slicing through tissue and the faint rustle of clothing filled the air. Barclay’s focus remained unbroken; his actions swift but precise. Soon, he was left with a pile of meat and a collection of bones, arranged neatly nearby.

Barclay took a moment to survey his work, a grim satisfaction settling upon him. The grisly task was nearly complete, but he had one final step to fulfill. Carefully, he cut the meat into manageable servings, making sure to divide it appropriately for the zoo’s carnivores.

His hands moved with dexterity; the slices of meat neatly arranged on a trays.

Barclay, the zookeeper, was tasked with distributing Logan’s meat to the various carnivores housed in the zoo. Holding a tray filled with succulent cuts of meat, Barclay began his journey around the zoo, ensuring each animal received their proper share.

First, he made his way to the tiger enclosure. Peering through the bars, Barclay tossed a large chunk of meat towards the tiger. With a swift movement, the powerful cat pounced on its prey, tearing into the meat with gusto. Barclay observed with fascination as the tiger devoured its meal, appreciating the majesty of nature’s hunter.

Moving on, Barclay proceeded to the lion area. He carefully divided the meat into several chunks, each destined for a different lioness. Tossing the portions in front of the lions, he watched as the pride settled down and eagerly began their feast. Their powerful jaws tore into the meat, their primal instincts satisfied in a display of primal prowess.

Leaving the lions to savor their meal, Barclay made his way to the piranha tank. Holding a large piece of meat, he dropped it into the water with a splash. Instantly, the frenzied piranhas darted towards the offering, their sharp teeth shredding the meat within seconds. Barclay marveled at the ferocity of these carnivorous fish, their vicious feeding frenzy a testament to their survival instincts.

Not forgetting any of the carnivores, Barclay visited each exhibit, ensuring every animal received a share of Logan’s fine meat. From the powerful cheetahs to the elusive hyenas, no carnivore was left hungry. As the day progressed, the zoo came alive with the sounds of contented slurping, crunching, and tearing, echoing throughout the enclosures.

Barclay, with a heavy heart and a reluctant determination, embarked on the grim task of disposing of Logan’s remains. He carefully collected Logan’s remains, making sure to handle them with respect and reverence. With each step becoming increasingly difficult, Barclay carried Logan’s remains to the nearby pig enclosure.

Upon reaching the pig enclosure, Barclay found the trough, a large basin used to feed the pigs. With shaking hands, he placed Logan’s head, hands, and feet gently into the trough. It was a haunting sight, the juxtaposition of human remains among the daily feed for the hungry pigs. Barclay also added Logan’s bones, the skeletal structure that once held his friend together.

With a heavy heart, Barclay stepped back and observed the scene before him. The pigs, sensing the presence of food, approached the trough with curiosity. Their snouts and tails swayed eagerly as they caught the scent of the remains within.

Barclay watched from a distance, his face cloaked in a mixture of grief and fascination. As the squealing pigs eagerly descended upon the trough, they tore into the remains with an almost voracious hunger. Bones cracked and splintered as teeth sank into flesh. Consumed by the instinctual urge for sustenance, the pigs devoured Logan’s remains with a terrifying efficiency.

Barclay stood in silence, the gravity of the moment weighing heavily on his conscience. It was a macabre sight, witnessing the circle of life in its most raw and unfiltered form. As the pigs consumed Logan’s remains, Barclay couldn’t help but reflect on the fragility of life and the inevitability of death.

Eventually, the pigs finished their grisly feast, leaving nothing but scattered bones and a somber reminder of Logan’s existence. Barclay, filled with a mixture of sorrow and closure, turned away from the enclosure. The act of witnessing the pigs devour Logan’s remains served as a solemn farewell, a final act of letting go.

Barclay walked away, forever carrying the memory of that haunting scene etched in his mind. The pigs, oblivious to the gravity of what they had consumed, continued their existence in the enclosure, a reminder that life moves on, even in the face of death.

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