The Candy Man. Chapter 7. A New Accomplice

Dean Corll, a cold and calculated predator, came across David Brooks in a seemingly unsuspecting encounter. It was a seemingly ordinary day when Corll’s path crossed with Brooks’, forever changing the course of their lives.

Corll, known for his eerie charm, approached Brooks with a friendly smile. His demeanor was disarming, concealing the dark intentions that lurked beneath the surface. He struck up a casual conversation, skillfully planting the seeds of manipulation within Brooks’ unsuspecting mind.

Brooks, initially unaware of Corll’s sinister nature, found himself drawn to the older man’s charisma. Corll exuded an air of confidence and authority that intrigued Brooks, giving him a sense of admiration. As the conversation progressed, Corll skillfully crafted a sense of trust and camaraderie, slowly entwining himself within the vulnerable threads of Brooks’ life.

Corll had planned to make Brooks one of his victims, Corll, a master of manipulation, had David Brooks bound and tied up in a secluded room. Thick ropes bit into Brooks’ wrists and ankles, constricting his movement and rendering him helpless. The room was dimly lit and filled with an oppressive silence, punctuated only by the sound of Brooks’ ragged breaths.

As Brooks struggled against his restraints, fear and desperation consumed him. He begged and pleaded with Corll, his voice trembling with a mixture of terror and a desperate plea for mercy. Each word was laced with desperation as he implored Corll to release him from his torment.

In a bid to retain some semblance of control, Brooks attempted to find common ground with his captor. Despite the dire circumstances, he spoke softly, conveying that they were similar in many ways. He hoped that by highlighting this perceived connection, he could find some empathy or leniency from Corll.

As Brooks expressed his belief that they could work together, Corll’s mind churned with twisted thoughts. He considered the merits of his captor’s words, recognizing the potential in forging an unholy alliance. The idea intrigued him, fueling his sinister desires to expand his malevolent activities with a willing partner.

Driven by his evolving plans, Corll slowly untied the ropes that bound Brooks. It was a calculated decision, not born out of compassion, but rather a twisted recognition of the usefulness of having a willing accomplice. As the ropes fell away, Corll and Brooks shared a moment of tense anticipation, their eyes locked in a dark dance of shared secrets and sinister intentions.

With their newfound freedom of movement, Corll and Brooks began to talk, their voices low and tinged with a mix of apprehension and fascination. The conversation wove through the labyrinth of their disturbed minds, delving into the depths of their shared desires and twisted fantasies.

Brooks spoke about his fantasies of wanting to see people hurt and his sexual fantasies.

They spoke about their insatiable hunger for power and control, the rush they experienced when their victims fell beneath their grip. They dissected their methods, exchanging gruesome details of their respective exploits, reveling in the dark fascination of their deeds.

Brooks, desperate for validation and security under Corll’s twisted tutelage, sought guidance and approval. He eagerly absorbed Corll’s teachings, lapping up his every word, as if they were sinister gospel, he suggested to Corll that he could help supply him with suitable victims. Corll, fueled by his own ego and sadistic power, relished in the sense of control he exerted over Brooks, molding him into a willing pawn.

In the shadows of that grim room, a harrowing pact was silently sealed, as Corll and Brooks delved deeper into their shared darkness, their dialogue painting a haunting tableau of unfathomable evil.

Over time, Corll lured Brooks into his twisted web of control, providing him with a semblance of purpose and belonging. The elder predator preyed upon Brooks’ vulnerabilities, offering him a sense of kinship and acceptance that he had never experienced before. Corll recognized the malleability and obedience within Brooks, exploiting it to fulfill his own sinister desires.

Under Corll’s malevolent influence, Brooks became an accomplice in the depths of darkness that Corll reveled in. Together, they embarked on a journey of unspeakable horrors, preying upon the lives of innocent young men. Corll’s charisma and manipulation swallowed Brooks’ better judgment, leading him down a path of depravity from which there was no return.

In a twisted display of loyalty, Corll asked Brooks to prove his unwavering devotion by recommending someone for a malevolent act. Brooks, his eyes gleaming with an icy chill, smirked in response, relishing the opportunity to demonstrate his commitment to their dark alliance.

Quickly thinking on his feet, Brooks reached for his phone, his mind racing to find a suitable candidate that would appease Corll’s sinister desires. He knew that his choice held the potential to deepen the bond between them, cementing their shared complicity in the most heinous of acts.

With calculated nonchalance, Brooks suggested Keelan, an acquaintance he had grown close to at the gym. Though Keelan wasn’t a close friend, there was something about his cocky demeanor that excited Brooks, imagining the potential encounter between Keelan and Corll.

Eager to please his malevolent mentor, Brooks showed Corll the first picture of Keelan, revealing a dark-haired, handsome young man engrossed in a workout on a machine. Corll’s eyes narrowed with a mix of cruel fascination and sinister anticipation, soaking in the details of their potential victim.

Intrigued by the thought of Keelan’s body, Corll asked if Brooks had more revealing pictures that showcased his physique. Not one to disappoint, Brooks swiftly produced another image, this time portraying a shirtless Keelan, his athletic torso bronzed and alluring.

A twisted grin spread across Corll’s face, an ominous marker of his sadistic satisfaction. He confirmed to Brooks that Keelan would be the perfect choice, his excitement mirroring Brooks’ own twisted thrill at the thought of their impending encounter.

In that chilling moment, Brooks realized the depths of their shared depravity and the sickening bond they had forged. As their sinister plot unfolded, Brooks couldn’t help but feel a sick exhilaration consumed by the darkness that dwelled within them both.

Keelan was a 21-year-old young man, who possessed a striking appearance that turned heads wherever he went. Blessed with good looks, his chiseled features and captivating smile enhanced his allure further. But it wasn’t just his handsome face that made him stand out; his body spoke volumes of his dedication to fitness and health. With a toned, tanned, and athletic physique, he displayed a set of defined legs that showcased his commitment to maintaining an enviable physique.

In his spare time, Keelan found solace in basking under the warmth of the sun. Whether lounging on a deck chair or finding a cozy spot to sit, he would relish in the rays, nourishing his already bronzed skin and aiming to achieve the perfect tan. This pursuit of a sun-kissed glow added an extra layer of confidence to his already appealing persona.

Keelan’s commitment to self-improvement extended beyond maintaining a good tan. He was a regular attendee at the gym, dedicating hours to sculpting his body to perfection. This relentless drive to keep himself looking good was a testament to his discipline and determination. At the gym, he pushed himself to new limits, focusing on building strength and maintaining his athletic physique.

Family held a special place in Keelan’s heart, and he valued the bond he shared with his older brother. Their relationship was built on love, trust, and respect. Keelan looked up to his brother, seeking guidance and support from him in various aspects of life. Their connection was a source of strength for both of them, anchoring Keelan in a world where love and kinship were cherished.

As the sun rose, signaling the start of a new day, Keelan awoke with a sense of purpose. Like any other day, he got up and headed to the bathroom, ready to begin his morning routine. With a fluid motion, he stepped into the shower, letting the cascading water refresh his body and awaken his senses.

Emerging from the shower, droplets of water clinging to his tanned skin, Keelan stood before the mirror. He studied his reflection, admiring the results of his hard work and discipline. The defined muscles in his arms and chest, the sculpted lines that adorned his abdomen, all evidence of the countless hours he had devoted to his fitness journey. A satisfied smile played at the corners of his lips as he took a moment to appreciate the reflection of a young man who had strived to become the best version of himself.

With a towel wrapped around his waist, Keelan ventured into his room to select his workout attire for the day. Mindful of comfort and practicality, he carefully chose a well-fitted gym outfit that showcased his physique without hindering his movements. Slipping into his chosen attire, he sensed a surge of energy, anticipation building within him for the vigorous workout that awaited him.

With his gym bag in hand, Keelan left his house, the front door closing behind him with a resolute click. He headed towards the local gym, his footsteps purposeful and determined. In the embrace of the gym’s familiar surroundings, Keelan found solace and motivation. Surrounded by the hum of clinking weights and the invigorating atmosphere of like-minded individuals, he was ready to push his boundaries, surpass his limits, and continue his journey towards physical excellence.

Keelan stood amidst the array of workout equipment, the gym bustling with activity. It was his favorite time of day—the moment when he could focus solely on sculpting his body and challenging his physical limits. The weight of determination settled upon him as he prepared to dive into his workout routine.

Unbeknownst to Keelan, Brooks, a fellow gym-goer and participant in their sinister plot, had also arrived at the gym. Concealing his ulterior motives beneath a façade of normalcy, Brooks meticulously prepared to set his plan into motion, eyeing Keelan discreetly from across the room.

As Keelan rested between sets, he caught a glimpse of Brooks and sensed a familiar presence. He nodded, signaling for Brooks to approach him, inviting him to join in his workout session. With a friendly smile, Brooks reciprocated the gesture, making his way over to Keelan’s spot.

As they shook hands and exchanged greetings, in the eyes of onlookers, they appeared to be nothing more than two gym buddies, united by a shared passion for fitness. Keelan, being the affable individual he was, suggested they work out together, eager to have the camaraderie and encouragement of a workout partner.

The atmosphere within the gym was charged with determination and intensity as the duo pushed each other through a grueling session. Chalky hands, beads of sweat, and a chorus of sizzling muscles bore testament to their unwavering commitment to physical excellence. They exchanged occasional banter and lighthearted jokes, creating an air of camaraderie amidst their rigorous endeavors.

Brooks seized an opportune moment amidst their workout routine to inquire about Keelan’s plans for the day. Curiosity laced his words as he probed for an opening to present their dark intentions. Keelan, caught off guard by the inquiry, replied with uncertainty, confessing that he had no concrete plans for later.

Seizing the moment, Brooks wove a deceitful tale, informing Keelan that he was entrusted with the responsibility of looking after his uncle’s luxurious residence. Smirking with a hint of mischief, Brooks playfully suggested they take advantage of the occasion, soaking up the sun by the pool. Keelan’s face lit up with amusement at the idea, his mind entertaining the prospect of a relaxing day alongside his trusted companion.

Keelan eagerly added to the plan, suggesting they invite a few girls to make the day all the more enjoyable. Laughter echoed through the gym as the two friends playfully bantered, their conversation interlacing seamlessly with their strenuous workout routine. Unbeknownst to Keelan, this decision would unknowingly pave the way for a dark and harrowing encounter, intertwining their lives in ways they could never have imagined.

As the grueling workout session came to an end, Keelan and Brooks made their way wearily towards the changing room. Their muscles screamed in protest, yet their spirits remained unwavering. With shirts clinging to their damp bodies, they playfully bantered and shared laughter, their camaraderie a testament to the bond forged through countless hours at the gym.

Amidst the sounds of zippers and rustling fabric, Keelan, now shirtless and adorned with a mischievous smile, made a suggestion that set the stage for their next adventure. He proposed that the two friends should take some time to unwind and soak up the warm embrace of the sun before inviting any girls to join them. The faint scent of suntan lotion and the promise of relaxation filled the air as Keelan’s idea hung in the changing room.

Brooks smiled and agreed, his thoughts veiling a hidden anticipation deep within. While he outwardly played his part as the supportive friend, a curiosity welled up inside him, secretly looking forward to what awaited Keelan. The deceptive glimmer in his eyes foreshadowed a twist in their day’s plans, a path that would lead them to unforeseen experiences. But for now, he joined Keelan in the laughter, ready to seize the moment, embracing the adventure that awaited them.

Exiting the gym, Keelan and Brooks prepared to embark on the next phase of their day. Keelan had donned a sleek black shirt that clung to his well-defined physique, accentuating his tanned arms and chest. Pairing it with black shorts that showcased his sculpted legs, he exuded an air of confidence. A black baseball cap perched casually atop his head, complementing his ensemble, while white trainers adorned his feet, a hint of rebelliousness evident in his decision to forego socks.

As they made their way towards Corll’s place, Keelan’s cocky demeanor began to shine through. Confidence brimmed within him, his body language exuding an aura of self-assurance. He reveled in his physical prowess, his strides, purposeful and assertive. With each step, he unintentionally played into Brooks’ hidden agenda, his enjoyment mounting as the potential for Keelan’s demise lingered in his mind.

For Brooks, the anticipation and excitement of what lay ahead grew stronger with each passing moment. The thought of witnessing Keelan’s unsuspecting fall into a web of consequences heightened his enjoyment. Like a puppet master pulling the strings, he relished the prospect of seeing Keelan’s cockiness give way to vulnerability. But outwardly, he maintained the facade of a friend simply enjoying the journey, subtly concealing his ulterior motives beneath a mask of camaraderie.

As Keelan caught sight of Corll’s house, his eyes widened in awe. The grandeur of the residence stretched before him, leaving him momentarily speechless. The elegance of the architecture, the immaculate landscaping, and the sheer opulence of it all left him impressed. He couldn’t help but express his admiration to Brooks, who had accompanied him on this unexpected journey.

Curiosity consuming him, Keelan turned to Brooks and inquired about the wealth of his uncle. How rich was this man who owned such a magnificent abode? Brooks, playing his part flawlessly, revealed that his uncle was a successful businessman, with multiple thriving ventures to his name. Secrets danced in Brooks’ eyes as he carefully constructed this narrative, luring Keelan into a false sense of security.

Eager to indulge in the luxuries afforded to them, Keelan wasted no time in shedding his shirt. His chiseled physique glistened in the sunlight, a testament to his dedication at the gym. With an air of familiarity, he instructed Brooks to grab a few beers, signaling the start of their leisurely escapade.

Beer in hand, Brooks joined Keelan by the inviting poolside. The cool breeze swirled around them as they settled into a state of relaxation. Keelan, having secured a prime spot, allowed himself to sink into the plushness of the lounge chair. A sense of tranquility washed over him as he soaked in the peaceful surroundings, completely unaware of the watchful eyes observing his every move.

Laughter and jokes filled the air as the two friends playfully bantered about their shared encounters with the fairer sex. Keelan, his guard down in this seemingly idyllic setting, allowed himself to be fully immersed in the moment. The prospect of lurking danger and Corll’s intent remained hidden from him, concealed in the dark corners of the estate.

From a hidden vantage point, Corll observed the interaction between Brooks and Keelan, his eyes narrowing with a mixture of impatience and anticipation. He noted how effortlessly Brooks put Keelan at ease, their conversation flowing smoothly as if they were long-time companions. Corll knew this was the perfect moment to make his entrance, the puzzle pieces of his plan aligning just as he had envisioned.

With calculated precision, Corll prepared himself to emerge from the shadows. Adjusting his demeanor, he walked into the scene as if his supposed trip had been unexpectedly cancelled. The surprise on Brooks’ face was feigned, a well-rehearsed act meant to deceive Keelan. He hastily apologized to Corll, expressing regret for bringing someone back to the house and inquired about the reason for Corll’s early return.

Keelan, sensing the tension in the air, rose from his seat and extended a sincere apology if he had unintentionally done anything to cause offense. He seemed ready to retreat, understanding the need to respect Corll’s unexpected presence. The genuine concern on Keelan’s face tugged at Corll’s hidden emotions, but he maintained his resolve, allowing the charade to continue.

Corll shifted his attention towards Brooks and calmly revealed that his trip had indeed been cancelled, an unexpected twist in their premeditated plan. Turning back to Keelan, he motioned for him to sit down, his tone indicating that he could carry on as if Corll was simply an inconspicuous spectator. The veiled command in his words was clear – Keelan was to remain oblivious to Corll’s true motives, all while Corll watched with an intense gaze, patiently waiting to see if his intricate scheme would unfold as desired.

Seating himself back down, Keelan allowed himself to relax once again, immersing himself in the ongoing banter and laughter with Brooks. Their jokes and playful teasing reverberated in the air, creating an atmosphere of carefree camaraderie. Unbeknownst to Keelan, Brooks turned to Corll, a teasing smile playing on his lips, and informed him of their plan to bring some girls to the house later. Corll, seizing the opportunity to join in the mischief, playfully teased the two friends, feigning shock before assuring them that it was alright.

Corll, eager to further integrate himself into the conversation, returned with more beers in hand. He joined the dynamic duo, positioning himself to join their ongoing dialogue. A casual yet calculated warmth emanated from him as he engaged in the light-hearted exchange while subtly monitoring Keelan’s demeanor. Keelan, ever the participant, gladly accepted another beer, the sense of excitement and the flow of alcohol beginning to cloud his senses.

As the conversation flowed, Corll attentively observed Keelan’s consumption of alcohol. His eyes, hidden beneath a façade of geniality, locked onto Keelan’s gradually intoxicated state. His once-charismatic personality began to waver; a subtle transformation was taking place within him. Corll shared a knowing look with Brooks, communicating silently that their plan was working. Their eyes danced with a mix of anticipation and curiosity as they watched Keelan’s inhibitions loosen with each passing sip, the stage being set for the impending fulfillment of their scheme.

The trio continued to share jokes and laughter. They clinked their glasses together, toasting to a seemingly ordinary night of drinking and revelry. With each passing round of drinks, Keelan’s intoxication became more evident, his words slurred and movements unsteady.

Curiosity sparked within Corll as he excused himself momentarily. Making his way to the kitchen, he returned, the glint of a knife catching the dim light. The mood in the room shifted subtly, but the other two were oblivious as they continued sipping their drinks.

Corll approached Brooks, his voice low and eerie as he handed him the knife. He whispered that Keelan was to be his target for the night, a chilling proposition hanging in the air. Brooks hesitated, his eyes widening in disbelief, shaking his head and voicing his unwillingness to carry out such a horrifying act.

But Corll’s expression remained stoic, his voice stern as he insisted that Brooks had no choice. Fear began to creep into Brooks’ demeanor, the weight of the situation sinking in as he realized the gravity of the request.

Meanwhile, Keelan’s oblivion shielded him from the disturbing conversation unfolding in front of him. Lost in his own inebriated world, he continued to joke and laugh, blissfully unaware of the impending danger.

Brooks reluctantly took hold of the knife, his trembling hands betraying his inner turmoil. Standing over Keelan, a mixture of emotions swirled within him. Keelan, oblivious to the impending threat, jokingly engaged with Brooks, unaware of the darkness that engulfed his companions.

As tension filled the room, Brooks’ resolve shattered, his fear and guilt overwhelming him. In a moment of desperation, he plunged the knife into Keelan’s stomach. Keelan let out a cry of pain and shock, his body instinctively recoiling and attempting to fight back. But Brooks, driven by a mix of fear and confusion, didn’t hesitate, striking again and again, the blade finding its way into Keelan’s chest.

Keelan’s cries turned into agonized groans as he momentarily fought for his life, his strength weakening with each stab. The room was filled with an eerie silence broken only by the sound of the knife piercing flesh and the pained gasps of their victim.

Overwhelmed by the brutality of his actions, Brooks dropped the knife, a wave of nausea washing over him as he looked at Keelan’s lifeless body. He stumbled back, his eyes filled with a mixture of horror and disgust at what he had just done. As Brooks Keelan, still alive but fading, let out another groan, his body writhing in pain as he desperately tried to cling to life.

In a cruel twist, Corll approached Keelan’s vulnerable form. “Oh no you don’t,” he growled, his hands wrapping tightly around Keelan’s throat. Keelan’s feeble attempts to fight back were met with increasing pressure, his breaths becoming labored, and his consciousness slipping away.

With every ounce of strength he possessed, Corll choked the life out of Keelan, his grip unrelenting and merciless. Keelan’s struggles grew weaker until finally, he succumbed to the attack, his body falling limp, the light extinguished from his eyes.

Silence settled in the room, broken only by the heavy breathing of the two remaining figures. The weight of their sinister actions hung heavily in the air, their laughter and jokes replaced by a chilling emptiness.

A short while later, Brooks managed to regain his composure and mustered the courage to return to the room. As he approached Keelan’s lifeless body, a tinge of sadness crept into his heart. He couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of remorse for the horrific act he had just committed.

Turning to Corll, Brooks’s emotions boiled over, and he shouted, his voice laced with anger and confusion. He demanded to know why Corll had forced him to take Keelan’s life. The weight of guilt and agony hung heavily in his words.

Corll, cool and calculated, calmly explained to Brooks that he wanted to ensure his loyalty and also wanted him to experience the profound and chilling sensation of taking another’s life. He claimed it was a test, a twisted way to bind their dark secret together.

Unbeknownst to Brooks, Corll withheld the information that he had delivered the young man to death this concealing his true role in Keelan’s demise. Instead, Corll focused on asking Brooks about his experience, intrigued by the mixture of shock, power, and euphoria that often accompanies such acts.

Brooks, overwhelmed by conflicting emotions, shared with Corll the disturbing yet honest truth. He admitted that despite the initial shock, there was an undeniable rush, a surge of power and euphoria that coursed through his veins when he took Keelan’s life. It was a sensation that terrified him yet held a strange allure.

Moved by the shared experience, Corll approached Brooks, embracing him in a hug. It was a twisted display of support and understanding, solidifying their twisted bond in blood.

Corll then turned to Keelan’s lifeless body, his voice devoid of emotion. “I suppose it’s time we took the trash out,” he coldly remarked. Without hesitation, Corll took hold of Keelan’s arms, and Brooks, still grappling with conflicting emotions, took hold of his legs. Together, they carried Keelan’s lifeless body, a macabre burden, to its final resting place inside.

In the aftermath of their gruesome deed, Corll took charge, preparing the room for the next dark stage. He meticulously laid out a large sheet of clear plastic on the ground, its purpose clear but chilling.

Together, Corll and Brooks carefully placed Keelan’s lifeless body on the plastic, dressed only in his underwear. It was a surreal and macabre scene as they unfolded the plastic around him, wrapping it tightly to conceal the horrors beneath.

With a mixture of reluctance and determination, they began the arduous task of moving Keelan’s wrapped body. Half-dragging and half-carrying him, they made their way outside, each step a reminder of the sinister secret they now shared.

On Corll’s land, hidden among the dense woods, they commenced the dark ritual of preparing the final resting place for Keelan. Using shovels, they dug a grave, their actions methodical and eerily silent. The hole in the earth stood as a chilling testament to the depth of their depravity.

Returning to where Keelan’s body lay, they carefully peeled back the plastic, ensuring only a thin layer of his body was exposed. It was a disturbing yet calculated decision, allowing nature and insects to aid decomposition.

In calculated detachment, they gently lowered Keelan’s wrapped body into the grave, leaving a gap in the plastic that allowed insects to access the remains. The notion of nature’s role in the disintegration of their gruesome secret sent shivers down their spines.

Once Keelan was placed in the grave, Corll and Brooks meticulously recovered it with soil, their actions somber and weighted with the gravity of the situation. Each mound of dirt falling onto the plastic-covered body concealed the evidence, burying their chilling act deep within the earth.

As the last shovelful of soil was thrown, covering the plastic completely, the duo stood there, staring at the now-hidden horror. The weight of what they had done hung heavily in the air, a haunting reminder of the darkness they had willingly embraced.

After committing their murder, Corll and Brooks decided to celebrate that night. They went to a local bar, where they drank heavily and reveled in their twisted triumph. With their dark secret hidden beneath smiles and laughter, they indulged in a night of debauchery, trying to suppress the weight of their malevolence.

A few days later, as the city buzzed with the news of Keelan’s disappearance, Corll and Brooks stumbled upon articles detailing the case. Shocked yet thrilled by the attention drawn to their wicked act, the pair couldn’t help but feel a sick sense of pride.

To their horror, the articles were accompanied by a picture of Keelan. Seeing his innocent face staring back at them, a morbid mixture of satisfaction and guilt consumed them both. It served as a chilling reminder of the life they had extinguished and the pain they had caused to Keelan’s family and friends.

While Corll and Brooks reveled in the aftermath of their sinister act, Keelan’s older brother refused to accept his younger brother’s disappearance. Consumed by grief and determination, he actively searched for any sign of Keelan. He tirelessly interviewed witnesses, plastered missing posters across the city, and joined community-led efforts to find his beloved sibling.

Meanwhile, Keelan’s body lay decomposing in a shallow, unknown grave in the woods. Hidden away from prying eyes, it slowly returned to nature, destined to never be found or receive the proper farewell he deserved. The truth about Keelan’s tragic fate remained locked away in the hearts of Corll and Brooks, leaving Keelan’s family with an agonizing uncertainty and unresolved pain.

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