Predator Story. Chapter 298. An Obsession with Scott

Scott had just purchased some fine furniture for his house, the purchase had been made and the delivery date given. The shop assistant that served Scott was a handsome young man no more than eighteen years old, and if Scott was hunting for a victim then he would easily become one but murder wasn’t currently on his mind but he never knew what the future might hold.

Scott had thought the young man’s politeness and helpfulness was part of his customer service but James had a different motive. The young shop worker had a fancy for muscular men and Scott in his tight t-shirt and jeans ticked all the right boxes, his manhood grew as he spoke and looked at Scott. But James knew he didn’t stand much of a chance as he thought that Scott was straight. His luck soon chance when he spotted Scott heading towards his car, pause and give Adam a kiss on the lips. He grew excited at the realization that Scott was gay and hurried back inside to look at the documents for delivery Scott had filled in.
Scanning the document he let out a little “yes” as he spotted that Scott had left his mobile number which was to be used when delivery was expected to be made. He jotted it down and carried on with the rest of his shift.

It wasn’t until later that day that Scott received the first of what would be quite a few texts on one of the burner phones he used.
It read ‘Hi, its James from the furniture shop, I hope you don’t mind me sending this but I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since earlier. Here’s a little teaser from me, if you interested just reply. I will understand if you don’t. J xx.”
The text was accompanied by a photo of a shirtless James.

The photo showed off the young man’s lean but nicely toned body and straight away Scott could feel his manhood twitching, if he played his cards right he may be able to get James after all.
Picking up his phone he replied “What an unexpected surprise, nice body James 


James grew excited when he received the text back from Scott, he had a chance and was determined to at least sleep with the sexy hunk. This time he typed out a message that read “thanks, if you like it that much remember this could be yours to play with x.” And accompanied it with another photo, this time he had zoomed into his torso and sent a provocative shot of his pecs, abs and deep lying v cut with veins running into the top of his underwear. James knew this would get a reaction from Scott.

Scott was surprised at the picture that the eighteen year old had just sent and typed a simple response back
“Excuse me for a minute, I’m just going for a 


.” He knew a street smart guy who use social media would know it meant he was going for a wank.

Jamie smiled at the latest text he got and already had a comeback, he posed in the bathroom mirror and then sent the picture to Scott accompanied with the caption that read ‘Why do it yourself, give your left hand a break and let this tongue do it for you!’

Scott’s phone buzzed and he giggled as he read the text and smiled when the picture opened up and he saw a shirtless James winking as he stuck his tongue out.

Scott nodded approvingly and decided the time was right to put James out of his misery, the young man was obviously so desperate for a rendezvous with Scott that he wasn’t going to stop. Scott slowly typed out a reply.
‘Great fucking idea, it better be as good as you boast. Let’s say I pick you up from the back of the shop tomorrow at around midday.”

James jumped with joy when he read the text from Scott, his perseverance had paid off and he was now going to hook up with the muscular hunk. A reply that read “perfect see you then. Once the tongue has had you you’ll never need your left hand again. And just remember you can do to this body what you please.” Was sent back to Scott with a final picture.

“Excellent.” Scott thought as he read the text, another guy was putting himself on a plate for him unaware as to what Scott had in store, one thing for certain was that Scott was looking forward to playing with James’s body.

James’s family noticed something different about him that evening but when they tried to ask the teenager just smiled, they didn’t push him for answers as they preferred this James that had a spring in his step.

James arrived at the location that had been agreed the previous day around an hour early, he was excited for the upcoming experience but didn’t want to show it too much.
Scott pulled into the car park and James was impressed with the prestigious car that his recent obsession drove. Rolling down the passenger window Scott beckoned for James to jump in, to which the teenager didn’t need asking twice.

“What the fuck?” James exclaimed as the car drove through the gates and onto Scott’s land, “huge house you’ve got here Scott. Are you a millionaire or something?”

Scott smiled as he drove onto his land before replying “Well actually yes I am.”

Things were getting even better for James who had no idea that his muscular obsession was also a millionaire. With the car parked up the two entered the house.

“Wow I never thought that I’d be sitting here next to you.” James said as he looked adoringly at Scott “First I thought that you weren’t gay then I thought you wouldn’t bother with a sqwaney guy like me. But boy was I wrong.”

“Sqwaney looking guy?” Scott replied as he looked James up and down

“Don’t be too harsh on yourself you’re a handsome looking chap with a nice toned body I can’t wait to sample later.” Scott teased before adding “One thing puzzles me, how did you know I was gay, I never set many gaydars off?”

“Suppose its fine to tell you.” James replied “I saw you kissing another guy after you left the shop and quickly went from unattainable to attainable.”

“Ah that explains it.” Scott joked before engaging in a little conversation to get to know James better. However he soon cut that short and suggested that the two head upstairs for a little fun…
This was an invitation that James was not going to turn down and he eagerly followed Scott upstairs to the master bedroom.

“Now shall we start with what we both want?” Scott suggested as he started to undress to his underwear. James quickly joined in and couldn’t help but utter “Oh my fucking god.” When he saw Scott stood in his underwear, the hunky Adonis could see that he was turning his teenage guest on and sat back on the bed, “this is what you’ve been waiting for isn’t it.” Scott said as he lifted his hand and gestured for James to join him.

Seconds later James was on the bed and his hands were soon exploring his obsession. Starting on Scott’s defined thighs he slowly worked his way up, he paused when he reached Scott’s underwear groped his manhood and said “The tongue will work on that in a minute as promised.” James spent the next ten minutes exploring every craves of Scott’s chiselled torso using both his hands and tongue.
Scott savoured the attention he was getting and lay back as James now squeezed his biceps before grabbing the top of Scott’s underwear and pulling out his semi erect cock.
“Well as promised the tongue is going to give you a moment that you’ll never forget.” James said as he fondled with his obsessions manhood then placed it in his mouth and immediately got to work. Scott’s shouts of ecstasy filled the room as James as promised worked magic with his tongue, he could feel the tip of it working its way over the sensitive parts of his penis. Moments later Scott let out an orgasmic cry and fired his load into James’s waiting mouth.
With his mouth now full of Scott’s cum James now sat up swirled it around in his mouth and then swallowed, before Scott could say a word James put his finger to his mouth and then bent down and licked up any remnants of semen that was left on Scott’s cock.
“Well how was that?” James asked l safe in the knowledge he had given Scott a good time. Scott smiled and sat up, he rubbed his hands over James’s lean torso “Not many people can talk the talk and walk the walk, but you are definitely fucking one of them. That was fucking amazing. Now it’s my turn.” Scott said as he pushed James to the bed and then began to fuck the eighteen year old.

James was on cloud nine as his body rocked back and forth under each hard thrust that Scott made. At no point did he think he would ever be in this situation as he clenched Scott’s hips as the two passionately kissed as they fucked. Both guys let out shouts of joy as Scott clasped James’s shoulders and let out an orgasmic moan as his cum now filled James’s insides. With the sex quickly over the two embraced before eventually falling to sleep as they cuddled up.

Scott woke early the next morning, James was still asleep and looked peaceful as he lay on the bed. Scott headed to the kitchen and was joined by James a short while later,
“Thanks for last night. It was fucking amazing.” James said as be poured himself a glass of orange juice “a night I’ll never forget. If you ever fancy hooking up again let me know.”

Scott stopped what he was doing and looked over at James “Hey why are you talking like that’s it? I was hoping we could spend the day together then have some more fun tonight. What do you say?”

James was surprised he hadn’t expected Scott to say that, “What really? Are you serious?” The eighteen year old asked as he put down his glass.

“I wouldn’t have asked if it wasn’t.” Scott replied “I mean it. Let’s head out and then hit the clubs tonight then come home for fun.”

“Thank you.” James replied “I had hoped it wasn’t the end.”

Later that day the two headed out for a day around town, James was smitten with Scott as the two had lunch by the riverside. Once finished James posed for a photo as he threw a double bicep pose that saw the two muscles peak on his arms as Scott snapped away.

Just after midday the two headed off into the hills for a little romantic hike, all the while James couldn’t take his eyes off the hunky Adonis he had fallen for. The duo eventually reached the summit of the hill, the weather was hot so James took his top of to try and get a bit of a tan as the two not sat and looked at over the landscape.
“Beautiful isn’t it.”‘ Scott said as he had his arm draped around James shoulder.
“It is isn’t it?” James replied as he looked at Scott who replied “I’m not talking about the landscape you idiot. I’m talking about you. Do me a favour and stand so I can get a good shot of you and the background.”
James stood up and posed as Scott took the photo of the young hunk that stood side on to allow Scott to capture the best light against his body.

With the day trip over it was now time to have a night on the town. Scott deliberately chose a different area where neither he nor James would be recognised. Both dressed up well and James in his white shirt and jeans scrubbed up well.

Eyes were turned when James walked in with Scott and both guys could hear the whispers at how the two didn’t really go together. Scott could have the pick of any guy he wanted with his good looks and muscular physique, he didn’t care what people were saying as no one knew that this was all part of his long term plan to kill James.
As Scott got the drinks he could see that James was enjoying himself as guys roughly his own age asked how he managed to get someone like Scott. He could see that James was explaining it was his body as he lifted his shirt to reveal his toned abs and white underwear that sat above his sagging jeans.

As the night went on James eventually removed his shirt completely but made sure he never overstepped the mark and allowed Scott to see that this body was his and only his as the others could look but not touch.

After a night of partying the duo finally arrived back home and immediately retreated up to the bedroom. Seconds later James was shirtless and then jumped on the bed eager to replay the fun the duo had the night before.

Scott lay back on the bed as James’s wonder tongue got down to business, the muscular killer thought the previous days experience couldn’t be beaten but boy was he wrong as James did things with his tongue that Scott could never of thought off. Both guys could sense that Scott was about to cum and James prepared for the moment as he clenched his hunks hips.
A shout of joy was released as James’s mouth filled with Scott’s cum and was immediately swallowed and followed by the teenager lapping up when semen remained before wiping any excess stuff from his chin.
With James’s part over it was now Scott’s turn to make sure James had some fun and he was going to ensure that the young man had a moment he would never forget as he rammed his dick into the hot teen and began to fuck James senseless.
Scott continued to smile at James and placed his hands on the young lad’s waist, he then slowly massaged James’s body until he reached his neck. James was enjoying it and felt comfortable as he closed his eyes unaware that Scott was about to firmly clasp his hands around James’s young neck and begin to strangle him. James’s eyes opened in fear as Scott started to strangle him, and the young man knew this could only end one way. He desperately tried to fight Scott off but he had been to slow as his killer had put all his weight down onto the young body. James tried to beg for his life but he could only make muffled sounds as Scott had tightened his grip around his neck. He tried desperately hard to breathe but found it near on impossible, James clawed at Scott but Scott was able to use his strong arms to deflect the incoming blows away. Scott could feel James struggling violently underneath him, he felt his legs kicking as he tried to buck his attacker off, but Scott was too strong, he saw the look of desperation in James’s face as he held his hands firmly around his young neck. He could see that James’s eyes were watering and his face was going red. James tried in vain to release Scott’s grip but he couldn’t, he could only look up at Adam and watch as his attacker strangled the life at of him. James continued to struggle violently and gasped for air but Scott coolly held tight and stared down directly into his victim’s eyes. He suddenly felt James stop struggling as his body went limp. His arms flopped to the bed and Scott then saw that James’s eyes had glazed over. It didn’t stop Scott though and he held his hands tightly around James’s neck. Ten minutes passed and he still held his hands firmly in placed he pressed down hard on James’s young body as his body rocked about on the bed with each one of Scott’s violent movements. Finally Scott stopped what he was doing and looked down. He saw his hands were wrapped around James’s neck. He pulled them off in shock. “Shit what have I done” he thought as he grabbed James’s shoulders trying to get him to wake up. “Wake up, wake up” he called but James didn’t respond he just stared up at Scott, dribble dripped from his open mouth and Scott could see he had stopped breathing, Scott climbed off the body and saw James was naked. His penis was still erect from the sex they had shortly before death. Scott sat on the side of the bed in shock, he briefly held his head in his hands before lying on the bed and falling asleep next to the fresh corpse.

Scott woke early the next morning and knew he had to dispose of the sexy eighteen year old he had killed the night before. He fondled James’s body a final time before slinging the lean young man over his shoulder and carried him down to the boot of his car.

Scott enjoyed his time with James and thought it was only appropriate for the hot teen to be fed to Betty.
Betty slithered over to investigate the fresh meat Scott had placed in her enclosure. Scott watched as Betty made her way back towards James’s body. She opened her mouth wide and disconnected her jaw and moved towards James’s head. He stared at Scott his blue eyes penetrating Scott in his death stare. Betty began to slowly swallow his dead body. Scott watched as she swallowed him head first and was amazed as after swallowing James’s head, her jaws opened wider as she began to swallow his shoulders. Scott grabbed James’s arms and laid them alongside his body. He quickly fondled James’s torso one last time before it was devoured. He observed Betty’s fangs as they helped her to ease James’s corpse into her mouth, as she moved her head forwards her fangs would drag James further into her mouth. Scott watched as his pecs were slowly swallowed up and then his abs, Scott played with his erect cock and fondled James’s balls one last time as Betty moved onto his lower body, every inch of James’s upper body had been swallowed apart from his hands which lay halfway between his thighs. As Betty slowed moved further down James’s corpse Scott watched as she bent his penis forward as she swallowed it. Scott caressed his thighs one last time as Betty continued to eat him, after just half an hour of swallowing James all that remained where his shins and bare feet. Scott observed as his shins slowly disappeared into Betty’s mouth. He rubbed and played with James’s hot feet before they too were lost forever. He watched as a bulge moved further along Betty’s body on its way to the stomach. Finally James’s bare feet vanished down Betty’s throat and Scott watched as the fresh meal was slowly pushed along Betty’s body until the lump stopped. By the looks of it James had finally reached his final destination in the snake’s stomach.

Scott stood up as Betty moved slowly towards a corner of the room to rest and digest her large meal. Scott knew that it would take between seven to nine days for Betty to fully digest James and then she wouldn’t need to eat for weeks or months. Scott looked at the lump in Betty’s tummy and there was no way you could tell a human lay in there

That evening Scott looked over at a photo of James, the time spent with the teen was good and he’d never forget the magical blowjobs James could give and hoped to find someone just as good some time. But despite James’s infatuation of Scott it was never going to end well for the young man who was at least given a good time by Scott before he was killed.

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