Predator Story. Chapter 306. Back to Australia

The call to go to Australia had come sooner than expected and Scott knew he had little choice but to drop everything and make his way out there. He had plans to feed the various animals at the animal centre and also stock up on meat for the restaurant. But thankfully Adam advised he would try his best to take care of things before joining Scott and Danny down under.

As Scott stepped off of the plane he smiled to himself as he thought that the Aussie hunks they liked to strut around shirtless were no longer safe. The guys had barely been in the country a few hours and were suffering from jetlag after the long flight, but Scott was determined to not fall asleep, he wanted to fall asleep at normal
Time and headed off to a local gym for a workout knowing that would definitely keep him awake.

Scott was midway through his workout when he spotted a guy that took his fancy, the cupboards in his Australian home were bare and he knew that he would also have to stock up on some meat for the freezer. This hot young guy who stood dressed in a dark vest with his shorts rolled all the way up to reveal a fine pair of legs with wonderful thighs would definitely fit the bill.

Malik had just finished an intensive leg work out and was now busy admiring the effects on his body in the mirror. As he posed to himself he had no idea that he had caught the attention of a dangerous serial killer and continued to pull off the poses. He decided to check the overall package and pulled off his vest as he now checked out the effects the workout had had on his fit and perfectly toned body.
Scott’s trouser snake stirred at the sight of Malik’s well-toned body with its perfect pecs and tightness of his fantastic abs. All this plus the veins running down Malik’s arms and nice smooth legs meant that although tired Scott had found his first victim.

Scott waited patiently and when Malik left the gym he discreetly followed him. Despite being tired Scott was in hunter mode and nothing would stop him from obtaining his target.
After a short drive he pulled up on the other side of the road as Malik oblivious to the fact he was being followed pulled onto his driveway. Scott clenched his steering wheel as he sat patiently waiting for the moment to make his move and attack his target.
That time soon came as Malik dressed in a dark hoodie and claret shorts carried a bucket out to his car and began to clean it.

Scott looked up and down the street that appeared to be empty and also noticed that nobody else appeared to be at home. It was the perfect time to strike and after taking the tire iron from his car he moved forward ready to attack. Malik was busy rubbing the sponge up and down the side of the car to notice Scott now stood behind him, if he’d looked up he may have seen his attacker in the reflection in the window but with his headphones in and sponge in his hand Malik was too preoccupied to notice anything.
Seconds later Scott brought the tire iron crashing down on the back of Malik’s head the blow seemed to knock the young hunk out. With Malik unconscious on the floor Scott wasted little time in picking his prey up and running back to his car with it. Malik was thrown across the back seats as Scott sped off, despite being tired he was now solely running on adrenaline.

As Scott sped away he looked in his rear view mirror and noticed that Malik was now coming around again and began to stir on the seats. He pulled the car into an isolated side street and then climbed over into the back.
Malik didn’t have time to completely come to his senses as Scott was quickly on top of him and began to strangle the young man to death. Malik struggled as his attacker easily overpowered him, he frantically clawed up at Scott as he desperately gasped for air that could save his life. Scott enjoyed looking down at Malik as he strangled the life out of him, he could feel Malik’s smooth legs rubbing against him as he pinned the young man down. The struggle went on a little while longer before Malik finally expired as he let out a final gasp as his body arched up before collapsing limply on the seats.
Scott kept his grip around Malik’s throat for a little longer as he rocked the hand from side to side, all the time the young man’s eyes stared up at him as some saliva dribbled from the side of his mouth.

With Malik now safely dead he Scott continued the drive home. Danny was fast asleep as he carried Malik’s body up to his bedroom and laid him out on the bed. It didn’t take him long to strip Malik down to his underwear and then fondle his fine attractive body.

Scott could feel the tiredness coming on and wanted to ensure he fucked Malik whilst still fresh. He pulled down the dead hunks underwear clenched his thick thighs and rested them on his shoulders. Malik’s body rocked back and forth with each thrust as Scott fucked Malik he could feel his eyes growing heavier and heavier until he fell asleep.

Danny was the first to wake the next morning, he popped his head in Scott’s room and was surprised to see that Scott had fallen asleep with his arm draped across Malik’s lifeless body.
“Hey Scott wake up, wake up.” Danny shouted as he shook his friend and added “looks like you had some fun without me.” Scott groaned as he gradually woke himself up and smiled as he saw Malik’s cold body next to him.
“I didn’t want to sleep straight away so went to have some Aussie fun. Besides I also wanted to ensure we had some meat on the menu. You can have some fun with him before I cut him up.”

“Thanks buddy.” Danny replied “I will do.” Danny left Scott to have a little bit more fun with Malik before fucking the dead hunk himself. The two killers then carried Malik into the body preparation room where Scott played with the young man’s body one last time before beginning to harvest the fine meat from Malik’s frame.

It took Scott around an hour to strip Malik off all edible meat, as usual he left one of the thighs whole to be cut up as and when he needed it. Malik’s meat was put in the freezer whilst his severed head was placed in another one. The young hunks remains were bagged up to be disposed of at a later date.

That evening Scott and Danny sat and ate a couple of portions that had been harvested from Malik’s body.
“I’ve missed Hunting Aussie guys, the way the weather allows them to strut about with limited clothes on.” Scott said as Danny agreed with his statement “You know what I think I’m gonna strike some fear into them and create a serial killer like I did in the states.”

The two killers laughed, as Scott couldn’t wait to hunt his next victim.

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