Vore Stories. Chapter 46. Enter the Pit

The blood thirsty audience had gathered for the show. Five condemned prisoners were due to be sent into the pit where they would come face to face with the dreaded Pit Fiend, a creature closely related to the king of the dinosaurs the T-Rex. Standing close to ten metres tall on two enormous clawed legs, covered with blotches of green and brown skin. Its head is large with powerful jaws designed solely for snapping bones and rending flesh for the beast is utterly carnivorous.

The crowd cheered and hollered as the gate to the Pit Fiend’s enclosure was slowly raised. The Roar of the crowd intensified as the beast slowly stepped out onto the arena floor and let out a deafening roar.

Down in the dungeons five young men stood in nothing more than their underwear, they heard the terrifying roar as they waited for their names to be called. None had any idea what they would be facing.

Robbie was the first to be called. The handsome young man with a slim attractive body had been caught stealing and sentenced to the pit. The lift carried him up to the pit where the noise of the crowd became deafening. Robbie stood in fear and shock at the size of the huge beast that towered over him.

The hapless youngster didn’t even have time to react as the Pit Fiend bent over and picked him up in its mouth. Robbie’s screams were drowned out by the cheering as his legs thrashed around wildly. The Pit Fiend threw its head back in a move that saw Robbie’s body fly further into its mouth as a loud crunch followed and Robbie’s screams stopped. The crowd fell silent as the sound of Robbie’s bones being crunched echoed around the area before the Pit Fiend swallowed what remained. The crowd let out another roar as the second prisoner came up the lift.

Corey’s crime was punching a city guard during a drunken brawl. The twenty four year old stood around 6′ foot tall with dark hair and a smooth athletic body decorated with two sleeve tattoos.

He caught sight of the Pit Fiend as the trapdoor opened and immediately dodged the beast’s huge jaws that tried to snap down on him. The crowd clapped as the young hunk moved around the arena skipping over remains of previous victims. Until his luck eventually ran out and he was swiped by the Pit Fiends tail that sent him flying into the wall. The beast was on top of Corey before he could move its foot pinning him down by the legs.
Corey screamed “aaaargggghhh.” and raised his hands as the beasts mouth came down and clamped shut over one of his arms.

With the first bite swallowed the Pit Fiend took another bite out of the screaming hunks torso, his torso now missing a huge chunk as the Pit Fiend came down for more and more.
The crowd applauded at the spectacle as the Pit Fiend turned and left Corey’s partial eaten body, his upper body was gone as a pair of legs and piece of his abdomen lay lifeless on the floor.

The third prisoner was on his way up to the arena. Max’s crime was infidelity as he was caught sleeping with one of the city officials’ wife’s. Most ladies threw themselves at the feet of the handsome looking young man with a slightly tanned and athletic body that was topped off by a great pair of legs.

Max stood in awe at the size of the Pit Fiend that looked down at its next meal. Robbie and Corey’s blood dripped from the bottom of the beasts jaw as Max turned and tried to run. His speed was not as fast as that of the Pit Fiends reflexes and Max was soon dangling from the tooth filled mouth. The crowd cheered as the TV camera zoomed into the Pit Fiends mouth and Max’s bare legs that dangled from its mouth. His screams just about audible over the noise of the blood thirsty crowd.

There was no sound of crunching bones as the Pit Fiend simply lifted its head back and let the struggling hunk slide all the way down its throat.

The next prisoner was someone the crowd knew well. James was the son of a city official, his crime using his father’s position to take advantage of and sleep with girls. He’d been caught in a hot tub with one of these girls by her father and he immediately raised concerns and protests.

This led to an arrest and after a short trail he was sentenced to enter the pit.

James’s Adonis like legs shook as the platform ventured up towards the arena, unlike the other prisoners he knew the fate that awaited him. He froze in fear his legs rooted to the spot as the entrance opened to reveal the hideous beast. His shouts of “dad I’m sorry. No, no, no.” Were drowned out as the beasts head darted down towards him.

The noise of the crowd rose as the Pit Fiend lifted its head high into the air to allow a great view of James’s fantastic legs that frantically kicked up and down as they protruded from its mouth. James let out a horrific shrill as the Pit Fiends teeth bite down through his body, blood began to trickle down his legs as the beast threw its head back so most of its food was now positioned in its mouth.
Sound of ‘Crunch, Crunch, Snap, Snap.” Echoed around the arena as the crowd fell silent whilst the Pit Fiend chewed and pulverised James’s body before swallowing the fourth prisoner.

One prisoner remained to be fed to the Pit Fiend. His name was Luke and he was the leader of a local group of thugs. Standing just over 6 feet tall he had a well defined muscular body decorated with various tattoos, he would indeed be a tasty catch for the Pit Fiend.

“What the fuck!” Luke exclaimed as he caught sight of the Pit Fiend and started momentarily at the beast as the blood of its previous victims dripped from its mouth and what remained of Corey that still lay in the corner of the arena.

The hunky thug had no intention of easily becoming a meal for the beast and rolled under its legs as it bent its head down and tried to snap at him. The Pit Fiend turned around as Luke grabbed some bones from previous victims; he threw them at the creature when it moved its head in for the kill and danced around the arena, leading the Pit Fiend on a merry chase as he did so.

The blood thirsting crowd loved every minute of this. They knew Luke couldn’t keep it up and were baying for his blood. Luke’s fatal mistake came as he tripped over Corey’s legs and sprained his ankle.
The Pit Fiend moved in for the kill but Luke thought on his feet and managed to lift Corey’s legs up so they took the full force of the snap from the mouth. Corey’s legs now dangled from
The creature’s mouth, the Pit Fiend was now angry and flung Corey’s legs into the arena crowd and this time succeeded in grabbing Luke.

The hot thug screamed as the Pit Fiend bit down just above his waist and biting him in two.

The sound of his upper half being crunched and munched remonstrated around the arena, once swallowed the Pit Fiend grabbed Luke’s lower half and legs in its mouth, threw them up into the air and swallowed them whole. The final prisoner was gone.

The gate to the Pit Fiends lair slowly raised and it turned and trudged back into its home as the blood thirsty audience went home satisfied with the day’s entertainment.

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