Zoo Killer. Chapter 5. Photoshoot at the Zoo

Sean was a man of contradictions. On one hand, he was the epitome of sex appeal with his chiseled physique and tattoos covering every inch of his body. He owned an underwear brand and worked as a model for several well-known companies, so it wasn’t surprising that the camera loved him. However, despite his physical perfection, Sean had a personality that often left something to be desired.

He could be abrupt with people, especially his employees, and often came across as obnoxious and arrogant. His tendency to be demanding and push his team to the limit could make him appear nasty, but he claimed that he was simply a perfectionist who wanted the best for his business. His rough exterior might have been off-putting to some, but there was no denying that there was something undeniably sexy about his unruly nature.

Despite his tough demeanor, Sean was a man with a soft spot for his girlfriend of six months, Lena. The two of them had met at a photo shoot when she’d been the makeup artist on set. Sean had been ensnared by her beauty, and they’d hit it off immediately. Lena had a calming effect on Sean, and he found himself opening up to her in ways he hadn’t with anyone before. She was the yin to his yang, and although he could be challenging at times, she loved him for who he was.

Together, Sean and Lena navigated the ups and downs of running a business and balancing a relationship. Even though Sean could be a handful, he did everything he could to make sure that his girlfriend felt loved and appreciated. He might have been tough on the outside, but he had a heart of gold and was fiercely protective of those he cared about.

Despite his flaws, Sean was a complicated and intriguing man. His tattooed exterior belied a complex personality, and he was never afraid to push boundaries and take risks. He might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there was no denying that he was undeniably sexy and fascinating to watch.

The morning of the photoshoot had arrived, and Sean was a nervous wreck. He had spent weeks planning this shoot, which was going to take place at a local zoo. He had hired out a section of the zoo that was normally closed to the public, and he planned to use the animals as a unique backdrop for his underwear line. It was an ambitious project, and Sean was worried that something would go wrong.

He had an early start to make sure that everything was set up before the models arrived. Sean woke up before dawn, his mind racing with thoughts about the shoot. He checked his phone, hoping that his team had arrived at the zoo and that everything was going according to plan.

As he got dressed, he couldn’t help but feel anxious. This was a big deal for his underwear brand, and he wanted everything to be perfect. Sean had put all of his time and money into this project, and the pressure was mounting. He tried to shake off his nerves and remind himself that he was capable of handling anything that might go wrong.

Before leaving the house, he took a moment to kiss his girlfriend Lena goodbye. She was still sleeping and didn’t stir as he gently stroked her hair. He hoped that the shoot would go well so that he could come back home and celebrate with her.

As he made his way to the zoo, Sean’s nerves began to settle. He took deep breaths, reminding himself that he was in control, and that everything would go according to plan. He arrived at the zoo and met with his team of models, who were all excited but nervous about the shoot.

Sean was a perfectionist, so he had gone to great lengths to ensure that the shoot would run smoothly.

As the owner of the zoo, Barclay was nervous about the photoshoot. It was the first time they had allowed such an event to take place, and he was anxious about how the animals would react. He had instructed his team to be extra careful and to ensure that the animals were not stressed, but he couldn’t help but worry.

On the day of the photoshoot, Barclay was present to oversee everything and make sure that everything ran smoothly. However, he overheard two of the models discussing their outfits for the shoot, and they were concerned about how erotic the clothing was.

Barclay listened in, unsure of what to do. He knew that he had given the go-ahead for the shoot, but he didn’t want anything inappropriate to be happening in his zoo. After some contemplation, he decided to talk to Sean, the CEO of the company, and voice his concerns.

He found Sean in the midst of a heated discussion with the models. They were upset that they weren’t told that the shoot would be so sensual, and they were now refusing to wear the underwear that had been provided for them. Sean argued with them, insisting that they knew what they were signing up for, but the models weren’t having it.

Barclay stepped in and tried to diffuse the situation, but Sean was seething, angry that the models were jeopardizing the whole shoot. He argued with them, trying to convince them to stay and finish their job, but ultimately, they all walked out along with the photographer, leaving Sean all alone.

Sean was left fuming, but he knew that he couldn’t do anything about it now. What he did know was that he could model the underwear, he ‘d done it before, and he’d have to do it again. The only problem was finding a photographer at such short notice. There was however one option and Sean now turned to Barclay and asked if he would do the deed. Barclay told Sean there wasn’t a hope in hell. But Sean countered with money again Barclay wasn’t interested until Sean offered him a thousand bucks. This was an offer Barclay couldn’t refuse.

Barclay had never taken photos professionally before, but he was game to give it a try.

Sean quickly changed into a pair of blue briefs and walked over to a rock where a brown bear sat only yards away from him. Barclay took up position behind the camera, and Sean began to strike a pose. He lifted his left arm behind his head and angled his body slightly, his right leg propped up against the rock.

Despite the chaos that had ensued earlier, Sean was in his element now. The bear was a captivating subject, and he knew that the images they were capturing would be truly unique. His eyes glinted with satisfaction as he stared into the camera, owning the moment.

Barclay was surprised at how well he had taken to photography. He found himself drawn into the shoot, constantly shifting his position to get a better angle. The whole experience was exhilarating, and he felt as though he was getting the hang of it by the time they finished.

As they wrapped up this part of the  shoot, Sean felt a sense of pride wash over him. Despite the challenges they had faced, they had managed to create something truly special. He knew that the images they had captured would stand out from the standard, run-of-the-mill shots that his competitors were taking and looked forward to the rest of the shoot.

For the second part of the shoot, Sean had changed into a pair of white briefs and now sat on a few steps just yards away from a magnificent, yet dangerous tiger. Though it was a little daunting to be so close to such a creature, Sean savored the opportunity to get some unique shots.

What the observers didn’t know was there were 10,000 volts of electricity separating Sean and the tiger. It was a safety measure that was set up to protect Sean from any harm should the tiger decide to attack.

Sean sat on the steps, with his right arm behind his head, looking incredibly sexy. The contrast between the crisp white brief and the vivid orange stripes on the tiger made for a striking image. The animal sat poised, its muscles rippling beneath its fur as it gazed intently at Sean.

The two of them were locked in a magnetic gaze. Sean, with his piercing green eyes, looking straight ahead, and the tiger, with its own piercing glare, studying him intently.

It was a surreal moment; Sean felt an adrenaline rush coursing through him as he stared into the eyes of one of nature’s most powerful predators. He knew he was safe, but the sheer magnificent power of the creature was overwhelming.

Eventually, this part of the shoot came to an end, and Sean got up from his perch. As he walked away, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe for the majestic beast he had shared that moment with. He knew it would be a picture that people would talk about for years to come.

For the third part of the shoot, Sean changed into a provocative purple thong that left little to the imagination. He strutted around, clearly enjoying the attention he was receiving, while Barclay got to work setting up the next shot.

Once everything was in place, Sean was seated on a ledge with his right leg laying straight out in front of him, and his left leg bent as he rested his left arm on his left knee. It was a pose of confidence and control, which was heightened by the fact that he was barely clothed.

As they started shooting, a few snakes were brought in and now crawled over Sean. His eyes locked onto the glass in front of him, and he allowed the snakes to slither freely over his body. The sensation was strange, but he was determined to get the shot.

Barclay  worked quickly, adjusting the lighting and positioning canisters to focus the camera on Sean’s glimmering skin. The snakes moved artfully, weaving in and out of his legs, wrapping around his arms, and tangling up in his hair.

Looking through the glass, Sean knew that he was creating a striking image that would be both seductive and fierce. The snakes added an element of danger and excitement to the shot, and he was thrilled with how everything was unfolding.

As they wrapped up the shoot, Sean near he only had a few more parts of the shoot to do.

For the next part of the shoot, Sean changed into a sleek pair of black briefs and headed over to the lion enclosure. The anticipation was thick in the air as Barclay set up, his eyes on Sean as he made his way to the fence.

For the first part of the shoot, Sean stood with his back to the fence with a lioness only a few yards away. The lioness sniffed hungrily at the hunk of fresh meat that was just out of its reach. Sean’s heart was racing as he posed for the camera, but he remained still, exuding confidence and an air of easy masculinity.

As the shoot progressed, Barclay brought in some lion cubs and placed them around Sean as he provocatively sat in the chair in his black briefs and white socks. The cubs mewled and pawed at his legs, their inquisitive natures highlighting the bond between man and animal, and the harmony between predator and prey.

Sean took the shoot in his stride, his gaze steady, and his position commanding. The images captured were raw, vivid, and breathtaking.

After the intense shoot at the zoo, Sean took a break and stepped aside to take a phone call. Barclay, curious about what he was saying, eavesdropped and overheard him telling the person on the other end that the shoot had been a disaster, and that he had left the zoo a long time ago.

Barclay’s mind immediately raced with a plan. With people thinking Sean had left the zoo meant he could feed some fresh meat to some lucky animals and that gave him a perfect opportunity to create something unique.

Sean’s lie was an attempt to create some drama and build a surprise for his audience. Little did he know that his words would lead him to a place that he wouldn’t be returning from. The epic shots they had taken were nothing compared to what Barclay was about to create, which meant ending Sean’s life.

Sean asked Barclay to get some closeup shots of a new thong his brand was about to release. Barclay agreed, and Sean soon changed into a black thong, striking different poses as Barclay took some shots from the front before turning around to capture some from the back.

Sean urged Barclay to get some epic shots as he continued posing, but little did he know that Barclay was about to make a move.

 Suddenly, without any warning, Barclay swung his fist, hitting Sean right in the jaw and knocking him to the ground.

Sean struggled to get up, but before he could even speak, Barclay hit him again, this time with a brutal kick to the stomach. Sean’s breath left him in a whoosh as he gasped for air, the pain searing through his body. He tried to crawl backward, but Barclay was right there, grabbing him by the hair and pulling his head back.

Sean’s eyes widened in horror as he saw the knife in Barclay’s hand. He tried to fight back, but it was too late. In one swift motion, Barclay slit Sean’s throat, and Sean brought his hands up to try and stem the blood flow before collapsing onto the floor, lifeless. Barclay now created his own magic as he took some photos of Sean’s body.

Barclay wasted little time in dragging Sean’s lifeless tattooed body to the hyena enclosure and dragged the fresh meat into the middle before whistling and retreating as the Hyenas now slowly moved towards the fresh meat.

Bradley continued to take pictures and watched as the hyenas used their powerful jaws and teeth to rip and tear large chunks of flesh from Sean’s body. They began by eating the soft tissue around the abdomen and gained access to the insides. Then, he watched as they chowed on his muscles and pulled out his  organs with some fighting what they could get. Barclay watched as a baby Hyena grabbed some of Sean’s intestines and ran off with it in its mouth. He continued to watch as the beasts crushed Sean’s bones and tore his flesh and body to pieces .

Within a few hours nothing remained of Sean apart from a blood patch and some scraps of meat and shards of bone.

The Hyenas were not picky eaters, as they consumed Sean’s entire body, including bones, hair, and the black thong he was killed in.

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