Number Killer. Chapter 4. Target Acquired

Frederick was at the gym, sweat glistening on his forehead as he pushed his body to its limits. He found solace in the repetitive motions, using the weights and machines as an escape from the haunting thoughts that plagued his mind.

Amidst the rhythmic clanking of iron and the steady hum of exercise equipment, his eyes caught sight of an attractive young man across the gym. Rallying his focus, Frederick observed him discreetly, a spark of interest igniting within him. This young man, named Riley, held a certain allure, an energy that drew Frederick’s attention like a moth to a flame.

Riley’s athletic physique was accentuated by his choice of attire. He donned a fitted black t-shirt that clung to his sculpted torso and black shorts that showcased his well-defined legs. The trim fabric elongated his figure, further emphasizing his natural athleticism. A backwards baseball cap perched upon his head, adding a touch of youthful charm to his appearance, while a cross necklace rested against his chest, a symbol of faith that held its own allure.

As Frederick’s eyes lingered on Riley, he noted the casual grace with which he moved through his workout routine. He seemed unaware of his admirer, lost in his own world of physical exertion, oblivious to the dark intentions that lingered nearby. Oblivious to the predator’s gaze that followed his every move.

Riley pushed his body, his movements fluid and purposeful. He sought to better himself physically, to find his own sense of fulfillment within the gym’s walls. Unaware of the dangers lurking in the shadows, he exuded a sense of confidence, drawing the attention and admiration of those around him.

As Frederick continued his own exercise, he watched Riley navigate the gym, exchanging nods and conversations with other gym-goers, his friendly demeanor spreading infectious positivity. With each interaction, Riley unknowingly deceived those around him, unknowingly masking himself from the eyes of danger.

But for Frederick, the allure of Riley’s physicality intertwined with the darkness that consumed his thoughts. The potential target for his sinister desires, Riley remained blissfully oblivious, a bright light in the abyss of Frederick’s twisted mind. A mind that longed to possess and control, to shatter that innocence and revel in the depths of his own malevolence.

Frederick’s eyes were drawn towards Riley, captivated by his magnetic presence. With each passing moment, his voyeuristic tendencies grew stronger, fixated on observing every move of the attractive young man in the gym.

As if following a script written only for him, Frederick witnessed Riley’s intentions shift. With a confident smile, Riley removed his shirt, baring his perfectly sculpted torso to the world. The sight was a feast for Frederick’s eyes, an intoxicating mix of physical beauty and vulnerability that fueled his darker desires.

Unfazed by the eyes that may have been cast upon him, Riley positioned himself in front of a mirror, clearly intent on capturing his image for posterity. With a smartphone in hand, he struck a series of poses, his muscles flexing and rippling with each subtle adjustment. Frederick watched as Riley expertly crafted an image of confidence and allure, perfectly composed to convey an idealized version of himself.

The dance between flesh and glass unfolded, as Riley’s shirtless form reflected back at him, emphasizing his chiseled physique. His movements were deliberate and calculated, the angles and lighting meticulously chosen to showcase his best features. The camera snapped, freezing moments of raw vanity and self-expression.

Frederick’s gaze lingered, the forbidden pleasure of watching Riley in this intimate act feeding his twisted desires. He studied every detail—the defined lines of Riley’s abs, the ripple of muscles along his arms and shoulders, and the way his chest rose and fell with each breath. The allure of capturing his prey, even if only with his eyes, filled Frederick with sinister satisfaction.

But to Riley, it was just another moment of self-celebration, encapsulated in the frozen frames of the digital world. He remained oblivious to Frederick’s gaze, consumed by his own image, fueled by the validation that each click of the camera provided. The mirror became a portal into his own confidence, reflecting back at him the essence of his physicality, unaware of the hidden darkness that watched from the shadows.

Frederick stored these stolen moments deep within his memory, relishing the power he held over Riley’s vulnerability. The image of the shirtless young man capturing himself in the mirror would forever be etched in his mind, a snapshot of a moment when his hidden desires and Riley’s unsuspecting presence converged in twisted harmony.

Riley was a handsome 20-year-old, who possessed a magnetic charm that could easily draw people towards him. His captivating smile and sparkling eyes were a testament to his friendly and approachable nature. Riley exuded an aura of effortless confidence that made him a popular figure among his peers.

One of Riley’s greatest passions revolved around his dedication to fitness and his love for the gym. He embraced the thrill of pushing his physical boundaries, finding solace in the repetitive yet empowering motions within the gym’s walls. Riley dedicated countless hours to sculpting his body, using weightlifting and cardio exercises as a means to maintain both his physical and mental wellbeing. His achievements within the fitness community were recognized, and his collaborative spirit led him to connect with other influencers, amplifying his popularity and expanding his reach.

Beyond his commitment to fitness, Riley was deeply rooted in his close-knit family. His love for his parents shone brightly, but it was his adoration for his younger sister that truly set his heart aglow. He embraced the role of a protective and supportive older sibling, cherishing the special bond they shared. Riley took pride in being a positive influence in his sister’s life, often guiding and encouraging her as she navigated the complexities of growing up.

While fitness and family were integral aspects of Riley’s life, he possessed another great passion that roared through his veins: his lifted custom Chevrolet Silverado truck. This impressive machine, meticulously modified to reflect his unique personality, became an extension of his identity. The rumble of its engine and the commanding presence it exuded on the road embodied Riley’s love for adventure and his desire to stand out from the crowd. He poured his heart and soul into customizing the truck, ensuring that every detail, from the sleek metallic exterior to the powerful upgrades made beneath the hood, showcased his devotion to his passion. Whether tearing up off-road trails or cruising through city streets, Riley found immeasurable joy in the pure exhilaration of being behind the wheel of his beloved truck. It was a symbol of freedom and individuality that only served to enhance his charismatic presence

Frederick’s obsession with Riley grew steadily as he continued to eye him up from afar. Every move, every gesture, Frederick meticulously observed, allowing his mind to construct a twisted fantasy around the young man. Riley, unaware of the dark presence fixated on him, went about his daily life, unsuspecting of the danger lurking menacingly nearby.

Frederick’s twisted desire escalated to a horrifying reality. He seized the opportunity to target Zach, an unsuspecting victim. As he snuffed out Zach’s life, Frederick’s insidious transformation was complete. With Zach becoming his third victim, Frederick officially crossed the line into the realm of a serial killer, his thirst for power and control growing insatiable with each life he extinguished.

Now emboldened by his escalating body count, Frederick’s deviant mind fixated on his next target: Riley. He watched the young man intently, carefully studying his routines, discovering his vulnerabilities, and building a malevolent plan. As Frederick observed Riley’s innocence, his decision formed like a malevolent cloud within his twisted psyche. Riley would become his fourth victim, a pawn in Frederick’s twisted game of dominance and control.

As Frederick exited the gym, sweat still glistening on his forehead from an intense workout, he made his way towards his van. However, his anticipation was momentarily disrupted by the sight of a massive lifted truck parked uncomfortably close to his vehicle. Irritation flickered across Frederick’s face as he scowled at the unnecessary size and bulk of such a vehicle. In his twisted mind, he couldn’t comprehend why people felt the need for such excessive displays of power.

Annoyed, Frederick brushed off the inconvenience and focused on reaching his van. But just as he neared his vehicle, the hazard lights of the truck started blinking, catching his attention. His eyes fixed upon the illuminated lights, a slow smirk creeping across his face. There, emerging from the shadows and walking towards the truck, was none other than Riley.

Frederick’s heart raced with a mix of excitement and malicious intent. The presence of Riley in such close proximity to his van felt like a twisted twist of fate, an opportunity presenting itself at the perfect moment. He watched with a dark sense of satisfaction as Riley approached the truck, his movements unaware and filled with innocence.

For Frederick, it was as if the universe had aligned to grant him his next prey. In that moment, with a chilling certainty, he made the decision that Riley would become his fourth victim. The gears of his twisted mind clicked into place, mapping out the sinister path that would intertwine their fates forever. As Frederick watched Riley, a cold determination settled within him, fueling his upcoming actions with a terrifying intensity.

Riley walked with purposeful strides towards his truck, his trainers crunching on the gravel beneath his feet. The sun cast a warm glow on his face, accentuating the determined look in his eyes.

Approaching the truck, Riley stood by the driver’s side door and paused for a moment. He glanced at the vehicle, its sleek metallic exterior reflecting the bright afternoon sunlight. With a quick intake of breath, he mentally prepared himself for his next move.

Shifting his weight onto the balls of his feet, he coiled his muscles in anticipation. With a surge of energy, Riley propelled himself upwards, his arms flinging open as he aimed to grab hold of the door handle. His hands outstretched, fingers splayed, ready to latch onto the familiar grip.

In that brief moment, the world around Riley shifted. The air seemed to grow heavy as a sense of foreboding filled the atmosphere. Unbeknownst to him, just a few feet away, Frederick had silently approached the scene.

With calculated stealth, Frederick opened the sliding door of his van, carefully avoiding any noise or attention. The door glided smoothly, revealing a concealed interior where his sinister plans took shape. Silent as a shadow, he stood ready.

In one swift, fluid motion, Frederick sprang into action. Without any warning, he lunged forward, hurling a ligature with precision around Riley’s unsuspecting throat. Riley’s eyes widened in shock as he felt himself being forcibly pulled away from his truck, his feet stumbling to maintain balance.

The door of the van slid shut behind them, sealing their fates. Panic surged through Riley’s veins as he desperately fought for his life. His hands instinctively clawed at the ligature trying to loosen its grip, gasps for breath escaping his constricted throat. The world spun around him, his vision growing hazy as oxygen deprivation took hold.

In his fight for survival, Riley’s movements became wild, desperate flails of limbs. His face turned red, then purple, as veins strained against his skin. Thoughts raced through his mind, memories of loved ones flashing before his eyes. Desperation fueled his every action as he struggled to break free from the suffocating hold.

With each passing moment, Riley’s strength waned as his body began to betray him. His movements grew weak, uncoordinated, the battle within him slipping away. Each gasp for air became shallower, fainter, until his body finally succumbed to the unrelenting grasp of death.

And in that cold, silent van, after a short but intense struggle, Riley took his final breath, his body still as his spirit departed, leaving only the haunting echo of the fight that had been waged.

Frederick sat in the van. Sweat trickled down his forehead, evidence of the adrenaline still coursing through his veins.

Taking a deep breath, Frederick closed his eyes for a moment, allowing the rush of air to fill his lungs and calm his racing heart. The recent events had left him physically and mentally drained, and this momentary respite helped him regain his composure.

A subtle smile played on Frederick’s lips as he unfolded the sequence of events that had led him here. The meticulous planning, the expertise he had showcased, all culminating in a successful operation – it was a moment of pride for him, a testament to his skills and intelligence.

His gaze shifted downward, catching sight of Riley, lying dead in the back of the van. Frederick’s smile widened, a mix of satisfaction and anticipation. His painstaking efforts had made him victorious, and he relished in this display of power.

With a calculated motion, Frederick moved towards Riley, his fingers deftly working to remove the layers of clothing, leaving the young man stripped down to his underwear.

The chilling glint in Frederick’s eyes intensified as he retrieved a knife from a hidden compartment. Methodically, he traced the figure 4 symbol onto his Riley abdomen, etching the shape into his flesh with a slow and deliberate motion. The pain, the act of marking his victim, served as a twisted reminder of his own connection to the dark games he played.

In the aftermath of his macabre artwork, Frederick retrieved his phone and aimed it at Riley, capturing an eerie snapshot of his latest conquest. The image froze a haunting memory, documenting the final moments before he proceeded to dispose of the lifeless body.

With the photo saved as a trophy, Frederick started the engine and drove off, leaving behind a haunting silence and an unknown fate for Riley’s remains.

As Frederick drove, his eyes scanned the surroundings, looking for a suitable location to dispose of Riley’s body. His mind, sharp and calculating, evaluated each potential spot along the way.

In the distance, he spotted a drain, its cover askew, waiting silently by the side of the road. It seemed that the workmen who had recently tended to it left it unattended, a fortunate oversight that caught Frederick’s sinister attention.

With a sense of twisted determination, Frederick maneuvered the van closer to the drain. The metallic sound of the gears shifting filled the air as he brought the vehicle to a halt. Opening the door, he stepped out into a gust of cool wind, his eyes fixated on the open drain.

Approaching the back of the van, Frederick reached in, gripping Riley’s lifeless form. He dragged him out, the weight of the body requiring effort and resolve. His muscles strained as he maneuvered Riley’s corporeal vessel towards the open drain, his heart cold and detached.

With deliberate movements, Frederick stuffed Riley’s body into the gaping maw of the drain. The empty void swallowed the lifeless form, silently accepting its dark offering. The sickly scent of decay mingled with the cold air, permeating Frederick’s senses, a chilling reminder of the grim fate that awaited Riley.

Closing the van’s rear doors, Frederick took a moment to gaze upon the lifeless drain, where Riley’s corpse now lay hidden from prying eyes. A perverse satisfaction danced in his eyes, relishing in the fact that his secret would remain buried within the confining depths.

As the engine roared to life, Frederick pulled away from the scene, leaving Riley’s remains to decompose in that cold, dark drain. The weight of his actions hung heavy in the atmosphere, a chilling testament to the depravity that inhabited Frederick’s disturbed psyche.

Five days had passed since Frederick callously disposed of Riley’s lifeless body in the drain. Unbeknownst to him, fate had its way of revealing the dark secret he had hidden so carefully. It was on a cloudy afternoon that a group of diligent workmen arrived to investigate a persistent blockage in the drain.

Equipped with their tools and dressed in protective gear, the workmen approached the drain with a wary curiosity. The pungent stench emanating from the blockage assaulted their nostrils, alerting them to the presence of something far more sinister than a simple obstruction.

With gloved hands, one of the workmen reached inside the drain, probing deeper, trying to locate the source of the blockage. Their faces twisted in grimaces as their fingers made contact with something slimy and decomposing. Slowly, they pulled back, revealing the gruesome truth.

Riley’s body, ravaged by decomposition and the harsh elements of the drain, emerged, contorted and disfigured. His once vibrant features were now distorted and unrecognizable, his flesh bloated and mottled with discoloration. The toll of moisture and decay had done their grim work, leaving a ghastly sight for the workmen to uncover.

His eyes, once filled with life, were now hollow and vacant, staring into nothingness. Decomposition had taken its toll on his once youthful skin, which now hung loosely, the color drained away. Rats had snacked on parts of the body and the smell of decay clung thickly to the air, overpowering the senses of those unfortunate enough to stumble upon the grisly scene.

The workmen recoiled in horror and disgust, their faces etched with a mix of disbelief and revulsion. Their initial investigation had unexpectedly transformed into a chilling discovery of a life lost too soon. The realization that a sinister act had occurred in their midst lingered ominously, casting a somber shadow over their souls.

After what seemed like an eternity, the workmen called the authorities, their trembling voices recounting the gruesome find. As they stepped away from the drain, their minds etched forever with the haunting image, a profound sorrow settled over the scene. For Riley, the desperation and fear that once consumed him now met its tragic end, leaving behind only a grim reminder of the horrors that lurked within the depths of that cold, unforgiving drain.

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