Vore Stories. Chapter 45

Mark was a young personal trainer, a keen fitness nut who would never be found to far from a gym. The good looking personal trainer stood around 6 foot tall with short dark hair and a perfectly toned body that was sculptured from his hours in the gym.
The gym Mark worked in was taking part in a mini triathlon challenge and the young fitness hunk was running away on the leader board.

Mark’s training sessions were not exclusively confined to the gym, he spent some time working out in the outdoors. These included going for runs, mini cardio sessions in the forest and work out circuits in the park. Today Mark had chosen to train for a triathlon and prepared to go for a one and swim.

The hunky personal trainer aced the cross country run, the timing his watch showed indicated to him that it was a personal best. He stripped down to his swimming trunks and prepared to dive into the lake.

The locals told stories of a strange creature that lived in the water. They called it the Bunyip. The Bunyip was a hideous looking creature with a greenish snake like body and long crocodilesque tail that helped it move through the water, its head was grotesque with a mouth filled with long dagger like teeth and razor sharp incisors that could cut through victims with ease.
Legend said that the Bunyip fed on people who were foolish enough to stray into the water or wander to close to the waters edge.

Mark had never heard of the Bunyip and the first time he became aware of the beasts presence was when it burst from the water as he prepared to dive in.
Stumbling back Mark fell to the floor as the Bunyips sharp clawed foot pinned him to the ground and pierced his chest, his shouts for help soon turned to a blood curdling scream as the Bunyip dragged him into the water and into its tooth filled mouth.

The hideous creature wasted no time in biting down through Mark’s torso, separating the fitness hunk into three pieces and killing him outright. Mark’s torso from his pecs down to his waist line disappeared down the creatures throat as what remained on him floated on the water. The Bunyip darted across the water consuming all that remained of its meal.

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