Zoo Killer. Chapter 7. Feeding Time

Jacob was a 22-year-old student currently enrolled at Ohio State University. With his intellect and determination, Jacob exemplified the qualities of a bright young individual on the path to success. He possessed a charming demeanor and is known for his dark, lustrous hair that complements his piercing eyes. Not only is he intellectually inclined, but he also maintains a well-toned, athletic body thanks to his dedication towards physical fitness.

Jacob finds solace and fulfillment within the walls of a gym. He recognizes the importance of a healthy and robust lifestyle, making time to exercise and prioritizing his well-being. His determination pushes him to set new goals for himself regularly, always seeking improvement and reaching new limits.

However, Jacob’s interests are not solely focused on intense physical activity. He understands the value of balance in life. Known for his laid-back nature, he cherishes moments of relaxation and unwinding. Whether it is finding tranquility in nature, indulging in a good book, or listening to soothing melodies, Jacob appreciates the serenity and mental rejuvenation these activities provide.

Beyond his personal pursuits, Jacob thrives in social settings. He relishes being in the company of his friends, finding joy in their shared experiences and laughter. He is often the life of the party, radiating an infectious energy that brightens any gathering. Jacob embraces any opportunity for celebration, whether it be a special occasion, a hard-earned achievement, or simply enjoying the company of his loved ones.

In all facets of his life, Jacob embraces the power of education, physical well-being, relaxation, and the strength of relationships. His academic pursuits, dedication to fitness, and penchant for celebrating life’s joys are all integral parts of his dynamic persona. With his intellect, athletic physique, and vibrant social nature, Jacob embodies the essence of a successful young adult with an exciting future ahead.

Barclay, the zoo owner, found himself on the hunt for some fresh meat to feed the animals in the zoo. As he drove through the streets, his eyes keenly scanned the surroundings. Suddenly, his attention was captivated by a shirtless young man walking down the sidewalk.

As Barclay drew closer, his gaze fixated on the young man’s perfectly sculpted and athletic body. Each sinew and muscle seemed meticulously chiseled, captivating Barclay’s imagination. He couldn’t help but envision the animal’s excitement at the prospect of feasting upon such nourishing meat.

Barclay skillfully maneuvered his car and parked it nearby just as the young man paused, allowing the balmy breeze to caress his well-defined torso. The warm sunlight accentuated his enchanting physique, making it all the more alluring to Barclay.

With a mixture of anticipation and determination, Barclay prepared himself for the perfect opportunity. He watched intently; his senses heightened with every passing moment. His heart raced as the young man innocently basked in the open space, unaware of the unfolding events.

Barclay, unable to resist the temptation any longer, burst from his hiding place. In a calculated motion, he swiftly approached the young man, producing a chloroform rag from his pocket. In one swift movement, he flung the rag towards Jacob’s face, aiming to render him unconscious.

Jacob, taken by surprise, initially struggled against the sudden intrusion. His body instinctively reacted, attempting to resist the encroaching darkness. But alas, the chloroform quickly took hold, overpowering his resistance. As he fought briefly, his efforts gradually weakened until he finally succumbed, slipping into unconsciousness.

Barclay carefully loaded the unconscious Jacob into the back seat of his car, his mind focused on returning to the zoo. Oblivious to the grim connection that was about to unfold, he absentmindedly glanced at Jacob’s face, unaware of the friendship he shared with Ryan—the first young man who had met his untimely fate as animal feed.

The drive back to the zoo was filled with an eerie silence, broken only by the sound of the engine humming along. Barclay drove with a sense of purpose, deeply engaged in his mission to provide sustenance for the animals under his care.

Meanwhile, Jacob lay motionless, unaware of the dreadful destiny that awaited him. Hidden within the realm of his unconsciousness, he was oblivious to the cruel twist of fate that had entwined him with his late friend, Ryan.

As the car rolled through the gates of the zoo, Barclay’s mind remained preoccupied with his duties. Little did he know that Jacob, like Ryan, had been a companion to the young man whose life had been tragically claimed by the animals in the zoo.

Unbeknownst to Barclay, this wicked coincidence would soon unfold, with Jacob unwittingly experiencing the same fate as his dear friend. The callousness of destiny quietly weaved its threads, bringing together two lives that shared a heartbreaking bond.

Barclay’s car finally came to a stop in the empty zoo car park, the tires crunching softly on the gravel. The engine ticked as it cooled down, and the silence that settled over the surroundings felt eerie, as if the whole world was holding its breath.

With a determined expression, Barclay stepped out of the car and quickly opened the back door. Carefully, yet with urgency, he dragged the still unconscious Jacob across the pavement and into the depths of the zoo. His movements were swift and purposeful, his mind set on the grim task at hand.

Entering the zoo grounds, Barclay navigated through the deserted pathways until he reached a nearby jeep, ready to transport Jacob closer to the lion enclosure. He loaded Jacob’s limp body into the back, ensuring he was secure before closing the hatch and taking his place behind the wheel.

As the engine roared to life, Barclay’s thoughts remained fixed on his unsettling decision. He knew, without a hint of doubt, that Jacob would become the next meal for the lions in the zoo. The conviction in Barclay’s mind left no room for compassion or remorse.

Driving cautiously through the park, Barclay approached the lion enclosure with a mix of anticipation and dread. He parked the jeep just outside the enclosure, the sound of the engine fading away as he turned it off, enveloping them once again in the heavy silence.

With a calculating gaze, Barclay began to strip Jacob down to his underwear. The cool air of the enclosure brushed against Jacob’s exposed skin, and Barclay prepared himself for the moment when Jacob would regain consciousness. In that dark and dreadful waiting, an unsettling tension gripped the atmosphere, amplifying the weight of the impending ordeal.

Barclay’s keen observation allowed him to notice the signs of Jacob slowly regaining consciousness. As his eyelids fluttered open, Barclay wasted no time. He started the engine of the jeep and pulled into the lion enclosure, taking caution to ensure his approach was careful and steady.

The sleeping lions, roused by the sound and movement of the vehicle, slowly raised their heads from their slumber. One by one, their eyes fixated on the approaching jeep, their gaze filled with primal curiosity. The presence of a potential meal sparked a flicker of interest, and they watched intently as the jeep came to a halt.

Inside the vehicle, Jacob’s awakening was met with confusion. He rubbed his temples, feeling disoriented and disconcerted. His mind struggled to comprehend the unfamiliar surroundings, failing to recognize the inherent danger that loomed closely.

The perplexed expression on Jacob’s face betrayed his attempts to make sense of his current predicament. As his eyes darted around, searching for familiar landmarks or any signs of familiarity, his growing unease mingled with the ominous realization that something was gravely amiss.

Barclay, filled with malevolence, his face twisted with both anger and determination, forcefully grabbed Jacob by the shoulders and pushed him out of the jeep. Jacob stumbled and tumbled onto the dusty ground, caught completely off guard by the sudden and violent shove.

The athletic young man, his body filled with pain and disorientation, slowly rose to his feet. His head spun as he tried to make sense of his surroundings. His heart pounded in his chest, adrenaline coursing through his veins. He scanned the area, his eyes wide with fear and confusion, desperately searching for any sign of safety.

Meanwhile, as Jacob struggled to regain his senses, he remained oblivious to the stealthy presence of a lioness from the pride, hidden amidst the grassy savannah. Crouched low, the predator watched his every move, tail twitching with anticipation, her golden eyes gleaming with hunger.

Through the haze of confusion, Jacob caught a glimpse of a faint light shimmering in the distance. It flickered like a distant beacon, igniting a glimmer of hope within him. Determined, he started to make his way toward it, his cautious steps faltering every now and then as the world spun around him.

With each step Jacob took, the sound of a faint rustling emanated from the long grass nearby. His senses heightened, he instinctively turned towards the source of the noise. Time slowed as his eyes locked with the piercing gaze of the lioness, her predatory instincts fully awake.

Without warning, the lioness leaped forward, her powerful muscles propelling her towards Jacob in a blur of tawny fur. She crashed into him, knocking him off balance, causing him to crash to the ground in a whirlwind of limbs and panic.

Jacob’s scream tore through the air, a desperate cry for help and salvation. The sound echoed in the vast expanse, a plea for mercy that fell on deaf ears, drowned out by the intensity of the moment. Fear gripped him as he felt the hot breath of the lioness against his face, her teeth bared in a snarl of dominance.

The lioness clamped her powerful jaws around Jacob’s throat, her teeth sinking deep into his flesh. The pain was searing and incapacitating, suffocating his screams. With a savage motion, she cut off his desperate cries, silencing his torment.

As Jacob’s lifeblood oozed from the gaping wound, he gasped for breath, his vision fading. The lioness tightened her grip, her relentless hold causing him to slowly suffocate. In a final act of brutality, she tore out his throat, ending his suffering and sealing his fate.

With Jacob lifeless and motionless, the lioness seized her prize. She grabbed hold of his lifeless body and with determined strength, she began to drag him back to the pride. Blood stained the earth as she retraced her steps, her powerful legs pulling his lifeless form through the savannah.

As the head of the pride caught wind of the scent of death, he let out a resounding roar, commanding the attention of the rest of the lions. One by one, they approached Jacob’s body, their jaws open wide and their eyes ravenous with hunger. The feasting began, a macabre display of nature’s merciless cycle.

The other lions joined in, their teeth tearing through Jacob’s flesh, filling the air with a cacophony of gruesome chewing. The cubs, still innocent in their own way, snatched smaller pieces of meat and ran off playfully, a twisted sight amidst the savage feast.

The lions continued their feast, their primal instincts taking over. Jacob’s body offered sustenance, filling their bellies and satisfying their predatory desires. In the midst of the grotesque scene, the circle of life reveled in its merciless grip, enveloping Jacob’s remains in its unyielding embrace.

Barclay, frozen in a mix of horror and curiosity, watched from a safe distance as the lions devoured Jacob’s body. Perched atop a hill, he hid behind tall grass and bushes, observing as the powerful predators tore into the remains. He could hear the sounds of ripping flesh and the low growls that resonated through the air, a macabre symphony of the natural world’s brutality.

The next morning, with a mix of trepidation and morbid curiosity, Barclay entered the lions’ enclosure. The heavy metallic gate creaked as he cautiously stepped inside, his heart pounding in his chest. As he approached the sleeping cats, he could see remnants of Jacob’s body still clinging to their mouths, the crimson stains serving as a haunting reminder of the previous night’s carnage.

Barclay, filled with a somber mix of grief and resignation, climbed back into the jeep. He started the engine, the roar of the vehicle temporarily drowning out the memories that haunted him. Guided by a sense of duty or perhaps a twisted sense of closure, he maneuvered the jeep towards the area where Jacob’s remains lay.

The sight that greeted Barclay was nothing short of gruesome. Jacob’s body, once full of life and energy, had been reduced to a mere shell. The bones, picked clean by the ravenous lions, glistened against the harsh sunlight. Tattered scraps of underwear clung to the skeletal frame, bearing witness to the violent end that befell him.

Overwhelmed with a mix of disgust and a desire to erase any trace of the tragedy, Barclay made a decision. In a grim act of finality, he resolved to dispose of Jacob’s remains. He used the strength of his body to heave the skeletal remains into the back of the jeep, a macabre cargo that would soon meet its final destination.

With a heavy heart, Barclay drove the jeep to the pig farm. The sound of squealing pigs filled the air as he dumped Jacob’s remains unceremoniously into their pen. The swine, driven by their instinctive hunger, eagerly descended upon the grisly offering, leaving nothing behind but fragments of a life that once was.

Barclay stood in silence, the weight of his actions settling upon him. In a twisted act of closure and disposal, he had unleashed the remnants of Jacob’s existence onto an unsuspecting world. The clash of fear, guilt, and the primal nature of both man and beast mingled within him, leaving him forever marked by the gruesome events that unfolded in that desolate savannah.

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